Chanting A Psalm With Lee “Scratch” Perry!

It’s my birthday! Happily it coincides with the birth of our nation. When I was a little kid I thought all those fireworks were for me! Ya know whut? I still do! Why not? A wise man once said to me, “the world is as you see it.” So thanks for all the fireworks =) Hmm, what shall I post on my birthday? Lee “Scratch” Perry of course. Inventor of dub and winner of the first Nobel Prize for Positive Vibes. Happy 4th, all! <3

Lee Scratch Perry
“Psalm” (download mp3)
from “Revelation”
Psalm” (play)
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Lee “Scratch” Perry’s illuminating “Psalm”

Lee “Scratch” Perry – “Psalm” mp3

While Lee “Scratch” Perry is a name synonymous with dub, and for that matter every stage of Jamaican music over the last sixty years, I also have a particular appreciation for his vocal style. He’s so funny, and has a way of being reverent and irreverent at the same time. Here we find Madman Scratchy in fine form, chanting a “Psalm” like no other – dropping names and images from popular culture, scriptures, songs, nature, politics and freakin’ comic books – weaving it all into a picture of the world that no one else could conjure. Unique and brilliant.

Lee “Scratch” Perry
“Psalm” (mp3)
from “Revelation (Bonus Track Version)”

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