Bassnectar is still king

Bassnectar is a rockstar. When the intern at my office — who looks like he stepped off a Scorpions record cover — comes up to my desk asking if I like Bassnectar, you’ve reached ‘rockstar’ status. “Cozza Frenzy (Mega-Bass Remix)” is the quintessential Bassnectar sound: time-stretched vocals, massive basslines, warped horn samples, all laid on a foundation of chunky beats. You know a Bassnectar song is playing because his sound doesn’t tickle you, it engulfs you.

Cozza Frenzy (Mega Bass Remix)” (play/download mp3)

This one is Nasty

The Knife – Behind the Bushes (NastyNasty remix) (play/download)

Oakland’s NastyNasty takes Brooklyn’s The Knife song “Behind the Bushes” on a trip into space. With fluttering synthesizer and washed out bass, this songs original is almost unrecognizable. Peep more music from NastyNasty on their Myspace page.

Arthur Baker, king of the beats

Arthur Baker – “Onederful (Planet Rocka Dub)” (play/download)

You may not know his name but you’ve danced to his beats. Since the early-1970s Arthur Baker has been the patriarch of dancefloor sensible beats, shaping the sounds of both hip-hop and dance music. His unparalleled discography reads like a history of contemporary music with groundbreaking titles like “Planet Rock” and “Breaker’s Revenge.” Arthur proves he’s still stepping away from the boards with forward-thinking music with “Onederful (Planet Rocka Dub),” and after 35 years, the man is still killing it!

Here’s the video for “Planet Rock.” A must hear for any music lover.

Listen to more of Arthur Baker music on his myspace page.

More Cali love

Rusko – “Da Cali Anthem” (play/download)

California is know for 3 things: good drugs, wing-nuts, and 2Pac’s song, “California Love,” which has to be one of the most remixed hip-hop songs of all time. The latest comes from Mad Decent artist Rusko. This one Ruscho slaps with the anthem touch making his remixed one fucking HUGE.

Visit Ruscho’s artist page for more downloads and exclusive mixes.

Hometown hero Ground_Control drops a remix

The first time I saw Ground_Control he played after blockbuster breaks DJ/producer Icey. 2 songs into his set I was thinking, “why isn’t this dude headlining instead of Icey (nuff respect dude)”? Ground_Control is one of the most talented and all around skillful DJs on the SF-breaks scene. In addition to killing the crowd with his signature breaks meets anything dirty-and-funky sound, his remixes and OG productions are explosive sonic pieces that will leave you drooling for more!

SIMO & Mancub
“Punks Of Funk (Ground_Control Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Punks Of Funk – The Remixes”
(Sleevin’ Records)
Punks of Funk (Ground_Control RMX) (play)

Need more Ground_Control audio? Check him on Sound Cloud.

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Hexes & Ohs go to “H-H-Highschool”

Hexes & Ohs – “H-H-Highschool” mp3

This pretty pop track brings together youthful romantic angst rock with bliptronic after-hours vibes for an exceedingly contemporary sound. Uploading their ones n’ zeros from Montreal, Canada, Hexes & Ohs is the synth pop duo of Edmund Lam and Heidi Donnelly. Their material, apart from being well constructed ear-candy, is kind and friendly – therapeutic even – their lyrics spilling over with compassion even as they delve into our common human insecurities. Plus it’s sexy – the girl boy vocals on “H-H-Highschool” simmer with unpolluted lust and emotional honesty. Sweet and unpretentious work.

Hexes & Ohs
“H-H-Highschool” (mp3)
from “SHARE (Remixes)”
(Lazy At Work)

Need more!

Lily Allen Vs. General Levy

The Heatwave – “Mad LDN”

I love Lily Allen. She’s pop music for people who’ve moved out of their parent’s house. Plus her vindictive lyrics delivered in that, “girl next door” voice makes me love her that much more. Let’s not forget General Levy on this remix. He is one of the all-time kings of the dancehall. More dance-floor furry from the UK’s #1 dancehall/bashment/dancehall/DJ crew, The Heatwave.


Bassnectar kills it – everytime!

Bassnectar – Superstylin’ Smashup (play)

Bassnectar is the greatest electronic producer/DJ of all time. No lie. Taking the art of sampling, production, and performance to heights that have never been conceived, yet alone executed. His live shows are mind-blowing productions that stay with the observer for weeks to come. Rejoice because the techno gods have officially sent us The Messiah.


Let it ride

Lokae & Touchphonics-Holding On (feat. Framework)

Lokae & Touchphonics’ remix of “Holding On” is a slick blend of the two de facto genre kings in The Bay Area: hyphy and dubstep. This track will pair nicely with fans of car-rap and people who enjoy the mellower less agitating elements of dubstep. No ass ramming basslines or nauseating synth loops to be found here. Now is the time to go roll yourself and blunt and get ready to slump.

Lokae & Touchphonics
“Holding On (feat. Framework)” (mp3)
from “Reborn of Thought (Touchphonics Remix) / Holding On”
(Elevated Press Records)

More On This Album

John Brown’s Body feeling the remix love

John Brown’s Body-Give Yourself Over (GoldieLocks Vs Synth Girl remix)

The UK’s GoldieLocks and Synth Girl inject their love of analog synths, crunchy beats, and all things afrobeat into “Give Yourself Over.” The final product is an uplifting ride that will make you feel like you’re partying in the middle of Love Parade surrounded by 20,000 of your closest homies.

John Brown’s Body
“Give Yourself Over (GoldieLocks Vs. Synth Girl Remix)” (mp3)
from “Re-Amplify”
(Easy Star Records)

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