Techno Friday? Ok, SURE!

Acid Girls, though you might like to think of them as girls on acid, are in fact, boys in a recording lab. I say “lab” because the old image of a recording “studio” doesn’t apply here. You know, the suited men with their cigarettes, poring over a score between takes in an acoustically engineered giant sauna looking room of fine hardwoods and huge double-paned windows. No, this is as post-modern a record as you can want – purely digital in every way, even the title is digital. And it kicks dance floor boo-tay. My feeling is, if you’re gonna sit around and play with bleeps and bops in the dark, you might as well go the distance and make a work as interesting and fun as this!

Acid Girls
“The Numbers Song” (download mp3)
from “The Numbers Song/ Lightworks”
“The Numbers Song” (play)

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Carried away by PooNyk & Oxide’s Eternal Trance Vibes

PooNyk & Oxide – “It Lasts Eternally”

Trance time! When you need to depart this plane of reality and step into a realm of decadent audio bliss, let the trance deejays take over. This bright and airy track from Russian sound sculptors PooNyk & Oxide is fine designer medicine for your mind, heart and bootay. Great in a club of course, but through the wonders of the Interweb, you can enjoy this at home, dancing in the kitchen or frollicking in the boudoir.  Summer party season approaches and we will need some blissed out electronica! Do yourself and your guests a favor and pick up this whole comp.

PooNyk & Oxide
“It Lasts Eternally” (mp3)
from “Emotive Trance Vibes”
(Emotive Vibes)

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Say Zdravstvuydosvidaniya six times fast

Mumiy Troll – “Zdravstvuydosvidaniya Hellogoodbye”

Outstanding dance floor filling electro disco pop from Russia.

Mumiy Troll
“Zdravstvuydosvidaniya / Hellogoodbye” (mp3)
from “Best DJ’s Dance Mix Vol. VI”

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