Blag Dahlia’s “Extreme Skate Abuse” and other delights

Blag Dahlia – “Extreme Skate Abuse”

Blag Dahlia is best known as front man for The Dwarves. Anyone who knows his work and personality would understand this is not a man to be trifled with. But trifle they did, and, well, here is the result of someone asking to license the Dwarves’ recorded music without compensation.

Blag Dahlia
“Extreme Skate Abuse” (mp3)
from “Nina …And Other Delights”
(Greedy Media)

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Ryan Adams Rant Redux

Ryan Adams calls Jim DeRogatis Answering Machine

Ryan Adams now legendary meltdown on Jim DeRogatis‘ answering machine made the rounds back in ’04 and soon became immortalized on the Interwebs. Utterly hilarious, or unbearable depending on your perspective, this is what happens when an artist gets one too many personal insults from a critic, throws decorum to the wind and fires back. Little could Adams know that his rant would soon be downloaded millions of times and take on a momentum of its own.  I happen to like Ryan Adams’ music a lot, but I think I’d be down with this even if I thought it was shite! Little lite humor for your holiday fun =)