Jetty Boys will be fine. Really.

Jetty Boys – “I’ll Be Fine” mp3

From Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Jetty Boys play punky pop music like they really care about it, like the world simply wont be acceptable if they don’t. Clearly they love them some Green Day and Ramones and all, but they bring a ferocity and sincerity all their own that is endearing and infectious. Gr8 power-pop erupts from the suffocating boredom of a sleepy American town? But yes!

Jetty Boys
“I’ll Be Fine” (mp3)
from “Sheboygan”
(Rally Records)

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Marvelous Darlings, simply Marvelous

The Marvelous Darlings‘ single “I Dont Wanna Go To The Party” rocks for two minutes and thirty seconds in a rush of pure and I mean PURE punk pop abandon. Very favorable comparison to Ramones, Clash, Cheap Trick and The Knack. Full on power pop angst-bliss! I love it I love it.

The Marvelous Darlings
“I dont wanna go to the party” (mp3)
from “I Don’t Wanna Go To The Party”
(Deranged Records)
I Don't Wanna Go To The Party (play)

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Punk Pop A Lula, She’s My Doppleganger

Utterly bratty kick-butt garage punk from Be My Doppleganger, outta Evansville, Indiana – a gritty, rockin’ four piece pop punk outfit with an affinity for Cheap Trick and The Descendents. “I Need a Ride” is an outburst of guitars, hormone fueled teen angst, and self deprecating humor. Gr8 fun!

Be My Doppelganger
“I Need a Ride” (download mp3)
from “Protect 2: A Benefit for the National Association to Protect Children”
(Geykido Comet Records)
I Need a Ride (play)

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Kung Fu Monkeys sent to Summer School!

The Kung Fu Monkeys – “Summer School”

In grade school, the idea of spending summer attending classes was akin to a prison sentence. And though I never was punished in this terrible way, the threat of it was ever-present as I decided between algebra homework and more rock and roll fun with my friends. Some kids got sent to juvenile hall for joyriding and selling dope, but the truly unlucky were sitting in hot classrooms in August while their friends partied at the beach. This song brings it all back. Genius.

The Kung Fu Monkeys
“Summer School” (mp3)
from “Christmas for Breakfast”
(Whoa Oh Records)

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Unlovables Hyper Emo Power Pop Punk Rules!

The Unlovables – “Leave Me Alone”

I have a soft spot for good power pop a mile wide. This song is like Josie and the Pussycats doing Jimmy Eat World. Can you even grasp that? This would be on commercial pop radio if that medium still had any sign of a pulse. Enjoy and pass the word. I love the Unlovables.

The Unlovables
“Leave Me Alone” (mp3)
from “Heartsickle”
(Whoa Oh Records)

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Raised By Robots, pursued by Sycophants

Raised By Robots – “Sycophant”

Who says a robot can’t raise a child? Don’t be all prejudiced. These lads are well adjusted, contributing members of society. A living tribute to the great parenting skills of their robot ‘rents. Sycophant is not a word I would think sings well, but this song disproves that theory. I like the way this guy spits his lines and makes the most of s’s an t’s. Great lyrics, great vocal, tight band.. yep, them robots should be proud.

Raised By Robots
“Sycophant” (mp3)
from “The Auctioneer”
(Raised By Robots Records)

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Rude City Riot gets had by bad Victoria

Rude City Riot – “Victoria”

A gleeful tale of woe and woo, told in ebullient third wave ska punk rapture. Did I form that sentence? I did. This is power pop the way the kids do it now, try and keep up, Opa.

Rude City Riot
“Victoria” (mp3)
from “Quickstar Productions Presents : Ska 4 Life volume 6”
(Quickstar Productions)

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Bim Skala Bim Skala Bim-@h!

Bim Skala Bim – “Hardest Of The Parts”

Ska from Boston? Boston, MA? Why yes, Dorothy. Stranger things have happened. Bim Skala Bim was in fact, part of a small wave of dedicated American ska bands that formed in the early 80’s, shortly after the two-tone era ended. Along with The Toasters, The Uptones, Fishbone, the Untouchables and a few other notables, Bim brought ska to another generation and opened the road for bands like Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish. This one’s for the rude boys and girls. Keep on skankin’. Yeah, you know Superfan is modded up, I may even visit the Ska Shrine one day.

Bim Skala Bim
“Hardest Of The Parts” (mp3)
from “Krinkle”
(Beatville Records)

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Stiff Richards Rock Hard

Stiff Richards – “Markie Mark”

Stiff Richards’ delightful punky pop screed against mainstream lameness. This song launches out of the gate like a race horse with its tail on fire and never lets up. Raucous guitars, bass and vocals, and a raw, ferocious drum track that makes me wonder if the guy who played it even lived to tell the tale! Rock Hard indeed.

Stiff Richards
“Markie Mark” (mp3)
from “Stiff Richards”
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)

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Selling Out the Forty Marshas

Forty Marshas – “Sold Me Out”

Funny, funny, funny. I admit, I was skeptical when I heard the first line of this, the yowling, snarling singer, yelping away like Johnny Rotten as a pissed off 14 year-old Rancid fan in the most boring suburb of America. But by the second line, I was hooked! And yes, I want to hear more so I’ll dig deeper into the jagged punk pop of Forty Marshas. Forty Marshas. Forty Marshas Brady? My goodness, that would be a thing. Or is it another Marsha? Must know, must know.. This is a Kinks cover that these Marshas hauled over the punk rock mountains.

Forty Marshas
“Sold Me Out” (mp3)
from “Forty Marshas”
(Beatville Records)

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