William Moore, “One Way Gal”

William Moore’s 78s are collector items. His music has been covered by a linty of modern blues and rock groups. And his music has been sampled by hip-hop and electronic producers. “One Way Gal” – a song that was sampled in hip-hop – is a gentle tune that William sings with the up-most sincerity. Recorded in Chicago late January 1928.

“One Way Gal” (play/download mp3)

Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley, “Every Day In The Week Blues”

In the early 1960s Syd Barrett decided to juxtapose Pink Anderson’s first name with another obscure bluesman (Floyd Council), to form the name of his band Pink Floyd. Two decades before Barrett was born, Columbia Records recorded two 78s with Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley in 1928. After releasing “Every Day In The Week Blues” (the ‘A’ side of the second 78), Pink Anderson toured and didn’t record again until the 1950s. “Every Day In The Week Blues” is an upbeat number with both Pink Anderson and Simmie Dooley playing guitar and singing verses. This is a beautiful tune that deserves to be heard.

Every Day in the Week Blues (play/download mp3)

Alberta Hunter, “Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning”

Alberta Hunter was a pioneering African-American singer, the first woman to erase the lines between soul, jazz, and pop music. “Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning” recorded in 1921, is a sermon giving agency to women all over the world who are stuck with no good cheating men. “Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning” has been covered by many great female African-American singers such as Dinah Washington and Aretha Franklin.

Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning (play/download mp3)

Mississippi Sheiks, “I’ll Be Gone, Long Gone”

This is an absolutely beautiful recording of the The Mississippi Sheiks’ song to agency, “I’ll Be Gone, Long Gone!” Recorded at the hight of their popularity, this cut’s fidelity lets The Sheiks’ unique blend of country and fiddle music really shine.

I’ll Be Gone, Long Gone (play/download mp3)

Duke Ellington, “Jubilee Stomp”

Duke Ellington’s music career was as distinguished as he was. His natural affinity for melody and instrumentation made him one of the archetypes of big band leaders. “Jubilee Stomp” is charismatic from beginning to end, drawing in its listener by showcasing several instruments, therefor highlighting the distinct voice of each. This is a song without lyrics yet cascades into beautiful arches and themes.

“Jubilee Stomp” (play/download mp3)