Bad Acid Trip’s secrets for workplace harmony

Oh my. Do we find songs that sound like the Dead Kennedys and King Crimson having Tourettes attacks at GWAR’s house every fine morning? No we do not, Dorothy. This mp3 delivers what one would want from a band called Bad Acid Trip. “Symbiotic Slavery” is dangerous and subversive and should not be played under any circumstances. Return to your cubicle and listen to Michael Bolton. Nothing to see here. My arms turn to eels as the fax machine spits hot lava, singing Wagner. Perhaps I will go to Burning Man this year after all.

Bad Acid Trip
“Symbiotic Slavery” (download mp3)
from “Symbiotic Slavery”
(Serjical Strike Records)
Symbiotic Slavery (play)

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“So Alone” never sounded so good

Nik Phillips – “So Alone”

Aussie singer-songwriter Nik Phillips wields a large palette, with which he paints fearlessly. Recklessly even, and I mean that in a good way. The starkly titled “So Alone” rips through a dark empty room, illuminating the spidery corners with a wondrous spectrum. There is light, but can anyone see it? Summer of love fluffy barefoot music this is not! Mind bending power-pop prog-rock this is. Psychedelic music with teeth.

Nik Phillips
“So Alone” (mp3)
from “Nik Phillips”

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