Aventura gets Peligro

Aventura – “Peligro”

Continuing a virtual international musical trek, today finds these ears somewhere in the Dominican Republic via the South Bronx, where Aventura perfected an original fusion of bachata, hip hop, R & B, rock and various world music styles, which has made them a huge success. How huge? They sold out Madison Square Garden solo, and at the last minute, to accommodate frustrated fans, the Garden opened seating to 360 degrees to let more people in. This song is a gr8 taste of their unique and passionate musical blend, with magnificent vocals, inspired instrumental work, loads of heart and a thread of humor throughout. Enjoy.

“Peligro” (mp3)
from “The Last”
(Premium Latin Music)

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Eddy-K from Havana to Miami to the World

Eddy-K – “Mami Besame”

Let’s party. Eddy-K from Cuba, now residing in Miami, brews up a joyous and powerful dance music that treads into zones of reggaeton, hip-hop, old school Cuban big band style, and str8 up contemporary pop. However you break it down, this track is a winner. Exuberant, fun, and truly international stuff.

“Mami Besame” (mp3)
from “Asalto”
(Premium Latin Music)

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