Peluze finds “Love?”

Peluze – “Love”

In a beautifully realized conflagration of Brit-pop and alterna-guitar+drums-bashing, Peluze asks the question succinctly: “Love?” Think Radiohead goes to the American Midwest for a BBQ and falls hard for a tattooed massage therapist, but wait, these guys are from Spain! Madrid to be exact. Again I am impressed with the way music travels the world, like an angel or a ghost, freely, over borders and oceans, landing like pollen in the ears of a young fan, from whose hands a new sonic flower later emerges. Some gr8 stuff coming from the continent l8tly. This rocks. Check it out.

“Love?” (mp3)
from “Peluze”
(Aloud Music)

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Blissed out in Film School

Film School – “p.s.”

I always find the music of Film School so warm and pleasant. The simplest little progression can sound glorious in the hands of such skilled and sensitive players. This is soothing, medicinal music, however dark and melancholic, and there’s a certain genius to hitting that blend just right. “p.s.” is a big yet understated composition, rendered with a minimal Velvet Underground style rhythm section ethic, exquisite droney guitars, and obsessively well informed keyboard and string parts, all gathered around and tending to a poetic and precarious lyric like doctors and nurses around a mysterious patient. Beautiful work.

Film School
“p.s.” (mp3)
from “Alwaysnever”
(Amazing Grease Records)

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We Were Promised Rock!

We Were Promised Jetpacks – “Ships With Holes Will Sink”

Young Scottish quartet We Were Promised Jetpacks uses a traditional two guitars, bass and drums formula, to create something far from ordinary. Like their brilliant Fat Cat labelmates Frightened Rabbit, the Jetpacks mine the depths of bleakness to bring up artifacts of surprising beauty. “Ships With Holes Will Sink” lurches bodily at its subject matter and wrestles it to the ground, in a sort of epic battle between vitality and futility. The lyrics, depending on your mood, could be hilarious, or truly frightening. Regardless, this is original work, rich in passion, intelligence, and a certain courage, that I find myself returning to as it reveals a little more each time. Now, about those Jetpacks..

We Were Promised Jetpacks
“Ships With Holes Will Sink” (mp3)
from “These Four Walls”
(Fat Cat Records)

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Protokoll Moves Forward

Protokoll – “Moving Forward”

Rockin’ like Killing Joke and Gang Of Four and such, but with a post-post rock modern twist of their very own, there’s no doubt, Protokoll rocks hard! This song is deep. Check it out.

“Moving Forward” (mp3)
from “Self Titled EP”

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Raised By Robots, pursued by Sycophants

Raised By Robots – “Sycophant”

Who says a robot can’t raise a child? Don’t be all prejudiced. These lads are well adjusted, contributing members of society. A living tribute to the great parenting skills of their robot ‘rents. Sycophant is not a word I would think sings well, but this song disproves that theory. I like the way this guy spits his lines and makes the most of s’s an t’s. Great lyrics, great vocal, tight band.. yep, them robots should be proud.

Raised By Robots
“Sycophant” (mp3)
from “The Auctioneer”
(Raised By Robots Records)

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Rank Deluxe punks out on a Tightrope

This rockin’ track by the Rank Deluxe quotes the Sex Pistols, and reminds in good ways of the Jam and the Stranglers. Bad ass.

The Rank Deluxe
“Tightrope” (download mp3)
from “You Decide”
(Fat Cat Records)
Tightrope (play)

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Bullet the Blue Empire

Up The Empire – “Last Of The Bullets”

If you like Unforgettable Fire era U2 guitar vibes, you won’t be disappointed.  Up The Empire tells a post modern saga.

Up The Empire
“Last Of The Bullets” (mp3)
from “Loose Ends”
(The Cougar Label)

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