Bite The Apples In Stereo and fly away

With a mighty dose of Beatles love, and heaping helpings of college radio lust, The Apples In Stereo bring the sound of a summer stroll with a spring in your step on the way to your sweetie’s house on a sunny day. You can almost smell the trees where “The Bird That You Can’t See” sing joyously, as you forget your troubles and bounce along in the unmistakable direction of bliss. This is carefree pop fun, and my stars, there sure is a need for some more of that in this world!

The Apples In Stereo
“The Bird That You Can’t See” (download mp3)
from “#1 Hits Explosion”
(The Apples in stereo)
The Bird You Can’t See (play)

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Kung Fu Monkeys sent to Summer School!

The Kung Fu Monkeys – “Summer School”

In grade school, the idea of spending summer attending classes was akin to a prison sentence. And though I never was punished in this terrible way, the threat of it was ever-present as I decided between algebra homework and more rock and roll fun with my friends. Some kids got sent to juvenile hall for joyriding and selling dope, but the truly unlucky were sitting in hot classrooms in August while their friends partied at the beach. This song brings it all back. Genius.

The Kung Fu Monkeys
“Summer School” (mp3)
from “Christmas for Breakfast”
(Whoa Oh Records)

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Unlovables Hyper Emo Power Pop Punk Rules!

The Unlovables – “Leave Me Alone”

I have a soft spot for good power pop a mile wide. This song is like Josie and the Pussycats doing Jimmy Eat World. Can you even grasp that? This would be on commercial pop radio if that medium still had any sign of a pulse. Enjoy and pass the word. I love the Unlovables.

The Unlovables
“Leave Me Alone” (mp3)
from “Heartsickle”
(Whoa Oh Records)

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Rocking out at the Scene Of The Crime

Hot Little Hands – “Scene of the Crime”

Yes!  What a song! Starting off with a simple and hard rock guitar riff and str8 up hit rock drumming, this quickly grows into an anthemic rock and roll outburst of liberty. The middle section with analog keyboards and sax takes it into another gear entirely, and once launched, it never comes down. Brilliant.

Hot Little Hands
“Scene of the Crime” (mp3)
from “Dynamite In Black & White”
(Rubber Records)

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Ian McGlynn brings Pop with Diamonds and no apologies

Ian McGlynn – “I’ll Bring You Diamonds”

Shamelessly romantic, shamelessly pop, delightfully sweet and sincere and just basically shameless, this is one of those songs you just know would be a hit if pop radio weren’t a dead thing rotting in a coffin under the Clear Channel building. Well, anyway I really like it. Enjoy.

Ian McGlynn
“I’ll Bring You Diamonds” (mp3)
from “Diamonds EP”
(Bailey Park Records)

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Raised By Robots, pursued by Sycophants

Raised By Robots – “Sycophant”

Who says a robot can’t raise a child? Don’t be all prejudiced. These lads are well adjusted, contributing members of society. A living tribute to the great parenting skills of their robot ‘rents. Sycophant is not a word I would think sings well, but this song disproves that theory. I like the way this guy spits his lines and makes the most of s’s an t’s. Great lyrics, great vocal, tight band.. yep, them robots should be proud.

Raised By Robots
“Sycophant” (mp3)
from “The Auctioneer”
(Raised By Robots Records)

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Starfucker Boys Toy with my heart

Starfucker – “Boy Toy”

Where would the world be without Starfucker? Where would my world be? How would I carry on? This band understands pop in such a direct and gleeful way, and they deliver it like a designer drug wrapped in cosmic pink cotton candy. Boy Toy is a hit on my hit parade.

“Boy Toy” (mp3)
from “Jupiter”
(Badman Recording Co)

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Huffamoose Waits, only to be Had Again

Huffamoose – “Wait”

A strange and lovely pop rock gem from a recent fascination of mine – this band called Huffamoose. “Wait” was the closest thing to a full-on hit they ever had, and it isn’t hard to hear why this one started to run away on “modern rock” radio in the early 90’s. But, the bidniz being as it is, it’s also easy to see how it could fall off and disappear. It was maybe too sweet and intelligent for a dumbing down world. How many bands with huge potential died on the vine during that period of rampant corporate media consolidation, just before the Internet age? It’s hard to know. Now through new digital distributors like IODA and labels like It’s About Music, some of these beautiful skeletons are coming out to dance around again. This is a gorgeous song that deserves attention. The other songs I’ve heard by this eccentric group are good too, so I’m gonna buy the album to support this effort and probably discover some more Gr8 songs in the bargain. A day in the life of a Superfan.

“Wait” (mp3)
from “We’ve Been Had Again”

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Getting High with Storybox

Storybox – “High”

Storybox just loves them some Paul McCartney and Kinks and such power pop  wonders. They pay a respectable tribute with their music, while also bringing their own new information to a genre so near and dear to this Superfan. Two minutes 30 seconds of pure un-selfconscious fun.

“High” (mp3)
from “You Can Be Replaced”
(Studio Lemon)

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PUSA power pop hella much

The Presidents of the United States of America – “Zero Friction”

You know I must have my power pop. I must. Without it I shall die. This song is brill. Zero Friction in my life. From the lovely Pres’s’s of the USA who gave us the quirky hit “Lump” back in the 90’s. They keep making lovely records, and this one puts a big smile on my SuperfanFace 🙂

The Presidents of the United States of America
“Zero Friction” (mp3)
from “Love Everybody”
(PUSA Music)

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