Anton Barbeau’s Blissfully Organic “Plastic Guitar”

Anton Barbeau is a rock star. He’s all brilliant and trippy and has GR8 hair. Andy Partridge loves him and so do I and if Wesley Willis were still alive he’d write a song about him. Here is “Plastic Guitar,” the title track from his critically orgasm’d over album. Originally from Sacramento, a place that artists leave, Barbeau now lives and tours in the UK. And yes, Adrienne Barbeau is his cousin.

Anton Barbeau
“Plastic Guitar” (download mp3)
from “Plastic Guitar”
“Plastic Guitar” (play)
(Pink Hedgehog Records)
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Taking A Pop Joyride with Garfields Birthday

Garfields Birthday – “Take A Ride” mp3

It’s raining now see… but hearing this seems to have changed my mind’s face.  I’m suddenly feeling like it’s a top down day. =p Garfields Birthday writes lovely silly pop romantica, in the musical tradition of the Beach Boys and Beatles and the lyrical tradition of an overcast day on a seaside town in England when you decide the sun will break through somehow and by sheer force of will it finally does! Got all that? K, let’s begin. Press play. And off we go =)

Garfields Birthday
“Take a Ride” (mp3)
from “Let Them Eat Cake”
(Pink Hedgehog Records)

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