Pop Goes The Socialite

You know how we do. Download this before you go cruzing in West Hollywood on a Saturday night. Perfect pop for 2011. This rools.

Ya Za
“Socialite featuring Blak Morris and Future the Artist” (download mp3)
from “Bipolar in Stereo (Extended Album)”
“Socialite” (play)
(Per Capita Records)
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The Quick & Easy Boys do it “7 Ways”

The Quick & Easy Boys – “7 Ways” mp3

The explosion of the “jam band” genre was precipitated by the eventual end of the Grateful Dead’s seemingly perpetual, decades long tour. The myriad musical variations on the theme from Phish, Widespread Panic and, um, hordes of others were largely based in rock and prog rock. The Quick & Easy Boys, it seems, base their sound more on the latin rock fusion of Santana and War, along with hefty doses of Hendrix, Zappa and P-Funk. And in the classic style of a power trio, they put out such a HUGE sound you wonder how they can do it with just three guys. As their fans like to say, “Yeah Bud!”

The Quick & Easy Boys
“7 Ways” (mp3)
from “Red Light Rabbit”
(Per Capita Records)

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Vindan & The Zion Band’s tasty Lemon MPTree

Vindan & The Zion Band – “Lemon Tree” mp3

Ok now we gonna get waaaay back in da cut with some easy skankin’ sloooow reggae. Nice trippy sorta romantic chill lyrix and oh so sweet dub moves all up in the drummies and horns. Aussie roots lovers Vindan & The Zion Band takes the day’s lemons and makes some fresh musical lemonade. Me likes it.

Vindan & The Zion Band
“Lemon Tree” (mp3)
from “Vindan & The Zion Band”
(Per Capita Records)

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Brooklyn’s How German Is It Gives Up The Ghost

How German Is It – “Giving Up The Ghost” mp3

How new wave it is. This infectious little ditty from How German Is It has a unique charm. Taking their name from a novel from 1980, these Brooklynites continue a tradition of literary pop that has become prevalent among artists in their fair city. “Giving Up The Ghost” starts deceptively simple, only to grow like a fern, unfurling its leaves and branches to the sun to reveal something vital. A strangely memorable reflection on letting go of something that isn’t there.

How German Is It
“Giving Up The Ghost” (mp3)
from “The Seasonal”
(Per Capita Records)

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Sharon Lang’s long slow look at the Skyline

Sharon Lang – “Skyline”

A completely dry and honest acoustic guitar recording lays the foundation for this tale of toil and striving. Sharon Lang builds this song in an unhurried, softly ominous way, her purring whisper-sing getting richer and warmer with each verse. A naked singer-songwriter testimony, without a shred of protection from accompaniment or cute production tricks. Tip o’ the hat to Moose for this yummy discovery. Enjoy with those Sunday pancakes.

Sharon Lang
“Skyline” (mp3)
from “Lovers and Thieves”
(Per Capita Records)

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Schizoid Club goes all Outlaw and we love it

Schizoid Club – “Outlaw”

Sexy slithery poppy dj funky with 70’s James Bond wah-wah guitar and 90’s turntablism! I’m loving Schizoid Club. This is a rich, detailed track, but it doesn’t sound complicated or overdone. Hi-end work from this London posse. Must hear more.

Schizoid Club
“Outlaw” (mp3)
from “Schizoid Club”
(Per Capita Records)

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