Juliana Hatfield’s courageous heart

Juliana Hatfield – “Peace and Love” mp3

The ever prolific Julianna Hatfield releases another collection of achingly introspective yet strangely triumphant original songs. Abandoning the indie rock bass/drums/guitar format that has been her canvas since her youthful debut in The Blake Babies, she’s also dropped all the pop production tricks to leave her sweet voice (well, plus a nice harmony overdub) and spare guitar accompaniment uncluttered and free. At once surrendering to fate, and demanding its cooperation, she opens her heart with the innocence of a child and the wisdom of an old soul on the opening track, “Peace and Love”. The song couldn’t be more contrary to the banal cynicism which is the base coat of so much popular culture of late. I admire her courage. This is some really raw and vulnerable stuff, and it would be a clich√© except she’s right, and you can tell she really means it. It makes me not want to be cynical.

Juliana Hatfield
“Peace and Love” (mp3)
from “Peace & Love”
(Ye Olde Records)

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