Alger “Texas” Alexander, “Range In My Kitchen Blues”

Alger “Texas” Alexander was a blues singer from, as his name suggests, Texas. Although he never played an instrument, his unique vocal stylings influenced a wide range of bluesmen. Recording sides for the Okeh and Vocation labels, “Texas” Alexander sung with some of the greatest blues guitar legends such as Lightnin’ Hopkins. “Range In My Kitchen Blues” was recorded in 1927 in New York and tells the tail of Alexander’s guest to find a “decent” woman while recording in The Big Apple.

Range In My Kitchen Blues (play/download mp3)

Mississippi Bracey – “Stered Gal”

Today we have another great bluesman from the Mississippi Delta, crooning with pride about his lovely lady. Caldwell Mississippi Bracey was born in the Delta in the early 1900’s and recorded four sides with Okeh Records in 1930. Turn up his smooth voice, pour yourself a stiff drink and reminisce about your lost loves. Enjoy!

Mississippi Bracey – “Stered Gal (play/download)

Fiddlin’ Bob Larkin – “Ain’t She Sweet” (mp3)

Fiddlin’ Bob Larkin – “Ain’t She Sweet” (mp3)

The upbeat and harmonious way that Fiddlin‚Äô Bob Larkan works the fiddle shines through in ‚Äú Aint She Sweet.‚Äù His talented family accompanied Larkan‚Äôs fine and fun fiddling sounds as his daughters played the guitars, while his sons played the piano and bass. Exposed in the late 1920s, Larkan’s fame in the early 1930s exploded when he was played all over the country. Larkan‚Äôs ‚ÄúAin‚Äôt She Sweet‚Äù captures the light of his fiddle and brings his spirit into the room when played. Enjoy!