Nigel Price Goes “Subconscious-Lee” Wes Montgomery, Praise Be

Did you know, the amount of money people spend on therapy could be better put into cat toys, sex toys, fresh produce and yoga classes? Yes, because these are the things that make one happy. Oh, and jazz. Instrumental jazz, and a nice fuzzy sweater as winter comes on. They should pay me millions for that information. But you get it here for free, my dears. Because generosity is its own reward, and all these musical discoveries I’ve shared over the last three years have enriched me gr8ly. Listen to guitarist Nigel Price and his Organ Trio, and become “Subconscious-Lee” enlightened. Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane and other classic be-boppers, surge through this tune like eager blood on a morning run, as the sun crests a hillside and bathes the brisk and dewey land in vitality. Yes.

Nigel Price Organ Trio, Alex Garnett
“Subconscious-Lee” (download mp3)
from “Heads & Tales”
“Subconscious Lee” (play)
(Nigel Price)