Lederhosen Lucil: “Anarchavid”


This is one of my first finds when I started looking up what the internet offered the world of “indie rock/pop” as opposed to trying to catch collage radio programs or hanging out in Tower Records.  “Lederhosen Lucil” is the creation of one Krista Muir of Montreal, Canada — a very talented, creative and often very humorous songwriter, ukulelist, keyboardist, visual artist and stage-personality. Lucil’s songs are as creative and memorable as they are funny. Here’s a fine introduction with her synth-punk, garage/mod, NEW WAVE rocker:


Silver Swans turn doubt into pop joy

Silver Swans – “Are You Really On My Side” mp3

Who hasn’t at some point trusted the wrong person? With a hypnotic, electronic new wave groove and deliciously crunched guitars as a backdrop, singer Ann Yu asks the age old question, “Are You Really On My Side?” Along with producer-musician Jon Waters, Yu completes the duo Silver Swans from San Francisco, CA. Gr8 angsty-pop disco track from their “Realize The Ghost” album on Tricycle Records. Enjoy.

Silver Swans
“Are You Really On My Side” (mp3)
from “Realize The Ghost”
(Tricycle Records)

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Birds & Batteries find “TV Commericals” in Nature

Birds & Batteries – “TV Commericals”

Extra trippy guitar pop from the Sonic Youth side of Husker Dü approximately. Luscious psychedelic vocals and a Devo meets King Crimson arrangement make this worthy of both New Wave and Prog Rock tags. Unusual. Lovely. Strange. Check it out.

Birds & Batteries
“TV Commericals” (mp3)
from “Nature vs. Nature”
(Birds and Batteries)

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Rotten Apples never tasted so fine

Voxhaul Broadcast – “Rotten Apples”

Like a love letter from the ’80s in the form of a song, “Rotten Apples” by Voxhaul Broadcast is juicy sweet and partially fermented. The Cure meets some kinda new-wave-a-billy like Stray Cats al’a Roman Holliday, when in walks The Smiths with a Violent Femmes record? I think so! Lovely, passionate and silly, like the ’80s, the gr8est decade to ever suck. Enjoy.

Voxhaul Broadcast
“Rotten Apples” (mp3)
from “Rotten Apples”
(Retone Records)

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Never Mind The Botox

What is pop music for, if it isn’t for pushing the boundaries of sexual stereotypes, gender roles and other things we can have fun with at night, and deconstruct in college classes in the morning? Swiss boarding school escapees Sawoff Shotgun – Susanna aka Lola Python, Sonia aka Bess Brown and Monica aka Kala Bebe – have a debut album to be reckoned with in ‘Never mind the Botox, here comes the Sawoff Shotgun.’ The icy-hot sexy-funny electro-trash single “Stereosexuality” is bound to be downloaded and enjoyed a bazillion times and in as many positions.

Sawoff Shotgun
“Stereosexuality” (download mp3)
from “Never Mind the Botox, Here Comes the Sawoff Shotgun”
(sevenahalf records)

Stereosexuality (play)

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Sissy Wish rocks balls

Sissy Wish – “DWTS”

A friend described this record as “Missing Persons meets the Go Go’s at a Bjork concert.” I can’t improve on that. Except to say that it has an edge reminiscent of late 70’s new wave, blended with contemporary electronic dance floor sensibilities. Which is kinda sayin’ the same thing. GR8 track!

Sissy Wish
“DWTS” (mp3)
from “Beauties Never Die”
(Afternoon Records)

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Hong Kong Blood Opera? From Mexico? Yes!

Hong Kong Blood Opera – “Killing Joke”

Hell yes! If you’ve ever been a rock fan in your life (that’s most of us) and sometimes wondered if rock was “dead” (again, like most of us), all it takes is a band of young’ns to come along and own the music again – playing it like they invented it, like it never happened before, like it’s the most exciting thing in the world and there will be trouble if they are not heard. From Sonora, Mexico, Hong Kong Blood Opera is such a band. Taking their cue from synth punk and new wave, then blurting out a product that is distinctly rock, theirs is music made by fans first and foremost. You can hear their fervent passion for their medium in every breath and bar of their songs. They all have the right chops for the job, and the lead singer has style coming out the eyeballs. Long live rock!

Hong Kong Blood Opera
“Killing Joke” (mp3)
from “The Critical Paparazzi EP”
(Noiselab Records)

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Protokoll Moves Forward

Protokoll – “Moving Forward”

Rockin’ like Killing Joke and Gang Of Four and such, but with a post-post rock modern twist of their very own, there’s no doubt, Protokoll rocks hard! This song is deep. Check it out.

“Moving Forward” (mp3)
from “Self Titled EP”

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