Merry Hell Laments “The War Between Ourselves”

UK folk rockers Merry Hell use 80’s big rock post punk gloriousness as a parchment on which to scrawl their indictment of humanity. It couldn’t be more serious, and I’d dismiss it with an “oh, please!” if it weren’t so fully realized. “The War Between Ourselves” is a perfectly naive, hopeful, desperate plea for us all to do things better. We need to hear things like that some time. After what I saw here in Oakland last night, I’m all ears!

Merry Hell
“The War Between Ourselves” (download mp3)
from “Blink…and you miss it”
“The War Between Ourselves” (play)
(Mrs Casey Records)
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Tyde’s magnificent “Chairdance”

Tyde – “Chairdance” mp3

Starting innocently enough with some deceptively simple funky acoustic guitar strums, this track quickly grows into a virtuoso explosion of instrumental Celtic folk fusion. UK’s Tyde are three young players at the top of their game – on guitar, fiddle, and accordion – rocking together and exuding joy at every twist and turn. Hmm, did I say Celtic? This ambitious piece also recalls elements of Klezmer, and even a hint of Flamenco, not to mention every British Isles folk dance you can spill a Guinness too. This, my dears, is what they used to call “making music” back when music was played by actual people! Don’t get me started =) This is the real.

“Chairdance” (mp3)
from “Tyde”
(Mrs Casey Records)
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