Eddie Nicholas “Ghumbah” Re-Remixed

Aint nuthin’ but a party. A dance floor mashing mash up of Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms, pushed along by a sexy synth bass and lead bongos. That’s right, lead bongos. “Ghumbah” is remixed 6 (count ’em) SIX times on this EP, cleverly titled “Ghumbah.”

Eddie Nicholas
“Ghumbah (Adam Cruz Remix)” (download mp3)
from “Ghumbah”
“Ghumbah (Adam Cruz Remix)” (play)
(Mixtape Sessions)
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Cloak/Dagger Don’t Need This

A classic punk rock theme, if there is such a thing. “I don’t need a..” fill in the blanks. Reminds me of the Buzzcocks more raucous material. Crashing guitars and a lyric that celebrates alienation from freakin’ everything. It’s very positive.

“Don’t Need A” (download mp3)
from “Lost Art”
(Jade Tree)
“Don’t Need A” (play)
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Putting Paper Chase In Neat; Manageable; Piles

MP3 über-sleuth Dan turned me onto this track a year ago and I didn’t get it. I get it now. Some music is like that. Honestly I didn’t like spinach when I was little, and now I love it. So it is with some music. Not everything makes sense right away. And not all music fits into neat manageable piles. This is dark, complex and delicious. Like spinach.

The Paper Chase
“Neat; Manageable; Piles” (download mp3)
from “Young Bodies Heal Quickly, You Know”
(Beatville Records)
“Neat; Manageable; Piles” (play)
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Little Pieces’ “I’m A Bull” Rocks Happy

“I’m a kid and you’re a candy store,” explains Little Pieces in this original power pop treat. Hurling metaphors and guitars into mounds of sugary goodness, the Seattle trio is every bit as talented and clever as they are lighthearted and fun. “I’m a Bull” is but a nibble of this gr8 sounding record, sensitively titled “Vampires Fill Their Waterbeds With Blood.” The single rocks, as does the whole album. You’ll want this one at the ready for sunny days ahead.

Little Pieces
“I’m A Bull” (download mp3)
from “Vampires Fill Their Waterbeds With Blood”
(Fortune Records)
“I’m A Bull” (play)
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Catching The Jesus Fever With Kurt Vile

12:00 PM: Pleased to learn there is an artist called Kurt Vile.
I suppose I’ll have to listen to him now.

12:02 PM: Praise be, he has a song called Jesus Fever.

12:15 PM: Approval

Very purty lil’ song. I was half expecting something more outrageous for that title, but it’s a nice folky rocky toe tappin cat nappin ditty. Favorable echoes of early Smiths and REM and Catherine Wheel kinda bidniz. Sooooothing. Goes nicely with this early spring late winter weird schizophrenic foggy drizzly weather we’re having in Oaklandia. Band name intrigue leads to swell new music discovery. Life is good.

Kurt Vile – “Jesus Fever” mp3 (play/download)

Smoke Ring For My Halo album avail direct from Matador.

Fred McDowell Wants To Know: “What’s The Matter Now?”

Mississippi Fred McDowell‘s recording of “What’s The Matter Now?” is truly raw Delta Blues. Another piece of Alan Lomax’s massive contribution to recorded music history, this was recorded in 1959 at a gas station where McDowell worked at the time. No studio, no effects, no edits, no BS. A man, a microphone, and a moment, caught on tape, eventually transferred from vinyl to CD and then mp3. What a journey to our ears! For more on this influential artist, check out Kevin Swan’s tribute at Rubber City Review.

Fred McDowell
“What’s the Matter Now?” (download mp3)
from “I’ll Meet You On That Other Shore: Alan Lomaxs “Southern Journey,” 1959-1960″
“What’s The Matter Now” (play)
(Global Jukebox)
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Tommy Ill’s Guide To Owning A “Robot (featuring a robot)”

If you’ve ever lost sleep wondering what the ups and downs of robot ownership are like, rest easy. New Zealand’s Tommy Ill steps up and breaks down the daily trials and rewards of today’s robot creator/owner. While most prospective robot owners are well-meaning enough, they often focus only on the positives, like when the robot provides free laptop repair. Unfortunately, many are ignorant to the dangers posed by today’s robots, like their tendency to blow stuff up and the temptation of robot drugs. Hopefully this guide will serve to further educate the robot building public and help them to carefully weigh their options when it comes time to construct their first robot.

Tommy Ill
“Robot (featuring a robot)” (download mp3)
from “Tommy Ill”
Robot (featuring a robot) (play)

On A Lazy Rowboat Ride With Talons

This track is really pleasing to listen to. Reminiscent of Sufjan Stevens, with softly plucked guitars and gently murmured vocals, and  endearing and thoughtful lyrics. Delicate, peaceful and enchanting, it’s a perfect soundtrack for this overcast and stormy day. A really great listen with headphones. I can easily float away on this.

“Rowboat” (download mp3)
from “Songs for Boats”
(Own Records)
“Rowboat” (play)
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Understanding La Resistance

Here’s an anthemic three chord power popper from Birmingham, Alabama’s La Resistance. In a sort of homage to all things good and true in the universe, “Understanding” pleads for answers to everything in joyous harmony. Lots of Brit-pop influence here, as well as some great piano and string synth-y goodness, all heaped together to great effect in three minutes of cosmic rock bliss. Viva La Resistance!

La Resistance
“Understanding” (download mp3)
from “Philosophy”
(Superphonic Records)
“Understanding” (play)
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Fred McDowell “Woke Up This Morning” circa 1959

Takin’ it back in tha Wayback Machine with this vintage gem recorded by Alan Lomax. To know recorded American roots music is to know Alan Lomax’s singular legacy, and to not know it is to be missing out on some of life’s gr8 treasures. Here’s Fred McDowell layin’ it down for real. A man, his steel guitar, his voice and inner rhythm. 100% legit.

Fred McDowell
“Woke Up This Morning” (download mp3)
from “I’ll Be So Glad When the Sun Goes Down: Alan Lomax’s “Southern Journey, “1959-1960”
(Global Jukebox)
“Woke Up This Morning” (play)
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