Kinda In Love With M+A’s “Liko Lene Lisa”

Begin the worshiping process as M+A’s whispered druggy sex insidiousness works its toy piano magic. Oh gawd they had to put a trumpet there, kill me nicely, oh dear. What is it with me and lone trumpets and trippy make-out music lately? Is it the season? Anyway, I really like M+A’s “Liko Lene Lisa” like, I really like, like, I want to snuggle it like a kitty and such. So there you have it.

“Liko Lene Lisa” (download mp3)
from “Things.Yes”
“Liko Lene Lisa” (play)
(Monotreme Records)
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The Subtle Subversion Of This Will Destroy You

TWDY will not actually destroy you, but they do make some strange, other-worldy noise banter. It may creep under your skin and you may find yourself doing odd things to yourself with a fork and chocolate syrup, but don’t blame them, and please don’t go passing any new legislation or start censoring anybody. “Communal Blood,” my dears. Like Godspeed You Black Emperor meets Brian Eno in an alien dub shack. Insidiously infectious.

This Will Destroy You
“Communal Blood” (mp3)
from “Tunnel Blanket”
“Communal Blood” (play)
(Monotreme Records)
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