Mississippi Sheiks, “I’ll Be Gone, Long Gone”

This is an absolutely beautiful recording of the The Mississippi Sheiks’ song to agency, “I’ll Be Gone, Long Gone!” Recorded at the hight of their popularity, this cut’s fidelity lets The Sheiks’ unique blend of country and fiddle music really shine.

I’ll Be Gone, Long Gone (play/download mp3)

Mississippi Sheiks “She’s Crazy ’bout Her Lovin'”

The Mississippi Sheiks were a popular fiddle and guitar group in the 1930s. There is no denying their influence on early rock n’ roll when you listen to the track, “Crazy bout her Lovin’.” Although the Sheiks were well loved, there was some notoriety in the early days, since their songs had many sexual innuendos peppered throughout their lyrics. “Crazy bout her Lovin'” is a toe tapping example of their talent.

Mississippi Sheiks – She’s Crazy ’bout Her Lovin’ (play/download mp3)

Mississippi Sheiks – “Still I’m Travelling On” (mp3)

Mississippi Sheiks – “Still I’m Traveling On” (mp3)

The Mississippi Sheiks formed from some of the members Chatmon family and they were well known throughout the Mississippi Delta. During the times of slavery in the south this group managed to make their living by touring. Armenter “Bo” Carter is probably the most famous of the group. He was influential to such artists such as: Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson, Harry Bellafonte and even the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan.

Mississippi Sheiks, “Please Baby”

The Mississippi Sheiks from Bolton, Mississippi were well known throughout the Mississippi Delta. The father of the family had been a “musicianer” during times of black slavery, and his children carried on the musical spirit. Their most famous member was Armenter Chatmon – better known as Bo Carter – who managed a successful solo career as well as playing with the Sheiks, which may have contributed to their success. The band named themselves after Rudolph Valentino’s film The Sheik (1921). This Mp3 is carrying on the spirit of their music now.

Please Baby (mp3)