Ma Rainey “Slow Driving Moan”

Ma Rainey was also known as the “Mother of Blues,” and was among the first professional blues singers to hail from Columbus, Georgia. “Slow Driving Moan” starts off with easy sounds from the piano and trumpet all the while building up a stage for Ma Rainey’s signature vocals. Known for her ‘moaning’ style of singing, “Slow Driving Moan” illustrates this divine talent remarkably. With her powerful vocal abilities, Rainey’s performance in this number surely brings back the late 1920s for every listener to experience in a three minute time span. Ma Rainey’s legacy stays alive with each listen. Enjoy!

Ma Rainey “Slow Driving Moan (play/download mp3)

Ma Rainey – “Shave ’em Dry Blues” (mp3)

Ma Rainey – Shave em Dry Blues (mp3)
Ma Rainey was known to many as the Mother of the Blues. There is nothing innocent about her strong voice and demeanor; Ma Rainey tells it like it is with her throaty voice. She even referred to her group at one time as the ‚ÄúAssassinators of the Blues.‚Äù Ma Rainey recorded and sang with the likes of Louis Armstrong and Thomas Dorsey. “Shave Em Dry Blues” was just one of nearly 100 songs which she recorded.

Ma Rainey’s blues live on forever

Lately I have been diggin’ thru the crates at publicdomain2ten, finding some amazing old gems. K, so they’re not “crates” but the mp3s there are from gr8 old vinyl 78s and early, early 45s. Ma Rainey was part of a select few – the first generation of recording artists in history. Nowadays you get a recording studio when you buy a Mac. Back then by comparison, there were only a handful of recording devices in the world. One of them recorded this remarkable performance by “The Mother of the Blues,” Ma Rainey, who was also one of the first professional blues singers. By now, her influence is far too widespread to accurately measure. Have a listen.

Ma Rainey – “Slave To The Blues” mp3

Ma Rainey – “Stack O’ Lee Blues” mp3

Ma Rainey – “Stack O’ Lee Blues” (mp3)

Yes indeed, Stack ‘O Lee was a bad bad man. And let me tell you Ma Rainey, if I was your man, I would never ever do you wrong. Because there’s nothing more¬† sensual then placing the needle on your 78 and letting the dim scratch be the vehicle for your magnetic charm. Wow, is it getting hot in here?