Sexy Wisdom From Lithuania’s Lovely Jurga

Lithuanian singing star Jurga‘s “Running” is such a sweet collision of sensual electro pop and offbeat philosophical observations, I can’t quite articulate how I feel about it. Fine, unusual work. I could snuggle it.

“Running” (download mp3)
from “+37° (Goal of Science)”
(M.P.3 Agency)
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Jurga – “Running”

InCulto’s über-funkay “Sabroso”

InCulto – “Sabroso” mp3

Hell yeah! Presenting for your listening and hip-shakin’ pleasure, the worldly Lithuanian world music explosion that is InCulto. Expertly blending salsa, funk, disco, pop and the kitchen sink, this rockin’ quintet creates a special blend of their own they call Eastern European Funk. Honestly if you don’t dance to this or at least find yourself tappin’ your toes n’ fingers, seek medical attention. Dream bill: these guys and Gogol Bordello. I are a instant fan. Rock it!

“Sabroso” (mp3)
from “Eastern European Funk EP”
(M.P.3 Agency)
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