Eljuri, Johnette Napolitano’s soaring “Jaula”

Eljuri, Johnette Napolitano – “Jaula” mp3

The venerable Sly and Robbie, names long synonymous with “reggae rhythm section” in Jamaica and around the world, team up with Ecuadorian New York City guitarist/singer-songwriter Eljuri, and the results are magnificent. Blending various rock and latin styles in an organic fusion, this emerges as a record truly deserving of the sometimes dubious label, “World Music.” Effortless and accomplished, passionate yet cool, this album is a winner, and I can see it will def be getting more spins in my world as the seasons turn toward summer. Johnette Napolitano joins in on this single with her incendiary vocals to push it over the top.

Eljuri, Johnette Napolitano
“Jaula” (mp3)
from “En Paz”
(Lovecat Music)

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