Dwayne Dopsie Reppin’ The New Swamp Boogie

Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers are ranked #29 on LouisianaTravel.com’s “TOP 100 REASONS TO VISIT LOUISIANA” and that’s the best thing I’ve seen in an artist bio in about forever. Here is Dwayne Dopsie featured on a compilation released last year of on Locobop. The band is ridiculously hot and they come out blazing, holding back for no one. Hot, hot, hot music for summer. Better go git it babe.

Dwayne Dopsie
“Better Go Get It” (download mp3)
from “Swamp Rock”
“Better Go Get It” (play)
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Beautiful Like Rufus Thomas’ “Ugly Like Me”

This song is dying to be the music from an 80’s movie fashion-transformation-montage. “Ugly Like Me” is a funky, horn-stabbed lesson for playin’ it cool when you’re “ugly” like the GR8 Rufus Thomas. But to me, ya know, there isn’t a more beautiful man.

Rufus Thomas
“Ugly Like Me” (download mp3)
from “Ugly Like Me”
Rufus Thomas – “Ugly Like Me” (play)

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The Bar-Kays Freak the Dance Floor

Understand, The Bar-Kays are simply one of the coolest things to ever exist on earth. Their career is a study in the evolution of American popular music. Here we find our heroes in the throes of early 1980’s disco. Shake it baby.

The Barkays
“Freakshow on the Dance Floor” (download mp3)
from “Greatest Hits”
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The Barkays – “Freakshow on the Dance Floor”

All Star Memphis Shuffle

Here’s some fine crispy fresh funky swangin’ blues for yer medicine. Hot sh!t horn section work, a blazing Hammond Organ, Hibachi-fried guitar riffs, and a steady walkin’ rock steady bass and drum boogie, all add up to the Memphis All Stars’ “All Star Shuffle”.” Tight, inspired, and fun instrumental combo playing that is pure Memphis.

Memphis All Stars
“All Star Shuffle” (download mp3)
from “Beyond Words Vol. II – Blues Instrumentals”
All Star Shuffle (play)

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Trémé Brass Band’s Big Fat Woman will thump U

Trémé Brass band – “Back of Town Blues” mp3

Treme Brass Band got a Big Fat Woman, it aint no lie.  This is so good. The sax is low down n’ dirty somethin’ else, and somebody please give that trombone player a medal! Classic big band-leader style lead vocals here are backed by an impeccable rhythm section that only, only could have come from Trémé, New Orleans. Look no further for the real. This is the real. And it is big. And fat.

Trémé Brass Band
“Back of Town Blues” (mp3)
from “I Got a Big Fat Woman”
(Sound of New Orleans / LocoBop)
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Memphis All Stars – “Good Man Down” (mp3)

Memphis All Stars – “Good Man Down” (play)

This is some clean blues from the cold heart of Memphis TN. Not all that primitive, more like Motown blues. Pretty refreshing considering all the other metal, rap and more contemporary-leaning spazzoid content I put up on here. Enjoy.

Memphis All Stars
“Good Man Down” (mp3)
from “Blues Train”

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Detroit’s Green Brothers Wanna Love You One More Time

The Green Brothers – “I Just Wanna Love You One More Time” mp3

As the last gr8 soul music act signed to Stax Records in 1975, The Green Brothers didn’t have much of a chance to see their work succeed when the legendary Memphis label shut its doors. The demos they recorded however, did survive, and in 2008 – some 30 years after the songs were conceived – these Detroit singing virtuosos revisited their unfinished business and finished it. The story of this reunion is a good read, but the real saga is in the tracks themselves. “I Just Wanna Love You (One More Time)” is a single unlike anything you’ll hear from the auto-tuned, soul-less mainstream music business of today. A beautiful gem.

The Green Brothers
“I Just Wanna Love You (One More Time)” (mp3)
from “Soulsville”

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Ivory Joe Hunter’s “I Almost Lost My Mind” live a thing of sublime beauty

Ivory Joe Hunter – “I Almost Lost My Mind” mp3

You know, as an mp3 blogger, I’m not really a critic, because I only ever talk about music here that I really, really like, and not music I don’t like. That’s my thing. And while I try to discuss intelligently whenever I can, the gems I find, sometimes, I must confess, I am left without words. This live recording of Ivory Joe Hunter singing “I Almost Lost My Mind,” at The Grand Ole Opry is so good, that I will have to sit out, and let it speak for itself. Enjoy.

Ivory Joe Hunter
“I Almost Lost My Mind” (mp3)
from “Live At The Grand Ole Opry”

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Eddie Floyd demands 100 percent Sweet Soul

Soul music legend Eddie Floyd has been singing, recording and touring for something like five decades, and the man shows no sign of letting up today. This classic recording of “Ninety-Nine and a Half” is pure molten gold. Probably best known for “Knock On Wood” – a song he co-wrote with Steve Cropper which was a hit in 1966 and subsequently covered by like a hundred major artists, some of whom also charted with it – Eddie Floyd is a real as real gets. This is a gr8 record you should have at the ready, to heat up those cold winter nights.

Eddie Floyd
“Ninety-Nine and a Half” (download mp3)
from “Sweet Soul”
“Ninety Nine and a Half” (play)

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Barkays go deep with “Holy Ghost”

Boo! Ok, one of the gr8est rhythm sections in the history of recorded music, rockin’ it heavy. Trick or treat? The answer is: both. Bust this and watch your ghouly guests go completely mad.

The Barkays
“Holy Ghost” (download mp3)
from “Greatest Hits”
“Holy Ghost” (play)

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