Superstar Matthew Dear’s Superbad “Little People (Black City)”

Matthew Dear – “Little People Black City” mp3

Matthew Dear is a star. A huge star. He’s world famous, major. You just maybe never heard of him. Why? Let’s put it this way. If you’re into the vast, thriving international nightclub deejay music scene, you already know all about this guy. If you don’t, you wouldn’t give him a second look in line at Starbucks. In the age of Internets, there are superstars that for Lady GagMe fans might as well be on a different planet. I like Matthew Dear’s planet, a lot. This music is so beautiful, hypnotic, sexy, original, and kind. There is nothing I don’t completely love about it. So there ya go. My highest endorsement. Get this record in your life and you’ll have more fun, have better sex, eat salads and go to the gym more. Byeeee =) <3

Matthew Dear
“Little People (Black City)” (mp3)
from “Little People (Black City)”
(Ghostly International)
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