The Blakes Got A Pistol Grip + They’re Gonna Use It

Here’s some NAZTY garage rawk that smells of grease and leather. The Blakes from Seattle, WA are G-narly. This three chord rocker casts a compelling spell, with giant looming guitars, a pounding, primal beat and delicious handclaps sprinkled on top to make it pop. The lone vocal front and center oozes sex, and the track is over as soon as it starts. Tidy, sexy, kick ass art rock.

The Blakes
“Pistol Grip” (download mp3)
from “Streets”
(Light In The Attic)
“Pistol Grip” (play)
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Jim Sullivan’s Lost “Highways” Found At Last

Jim Sullivan disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Mexico in March of 1975. Whether he was abducted by aliens or not is still open to debate. What is indisputable is that he left behind one masterpiece of a debut album called U.F.O., which became something of a holy grail for record collectors. Phil Spector’s session cats Don Randi, Earl Palmer and Jimmy Bond AKA The Wrecking Crew are all over this lost treasure, recently re-released by Light In The Attic.

Jim Sullivan
“Highways” (download mp3)
from “U.F.O.”
(Light In The Attic)
“Highways” (play)
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Black Angels On My Trail

The Black Angels – “Bloodhounds On My Trail” mp3

“Bloodhounds On My Trail” by Austin’s The Black Angels delivers exactly what I’d hope for from a song with that title. It rocks and boogies while evading capture by wading through a swamp. Twang-adelic drony magnificence, with a delicious vocal, and brilliant lyrics. Awesome track from their acclaimed “Passover” album.

The Black Angels
“Bloodhounds On My Trail” (mp3)
from “Passover”
(Blue Scholars / Light in the Attic)

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Betty Davis way too hot to handle

Rediscovered in recent years through re-releases and bootlegs of her classic 1970’s records, Betty Davis’ amazing voice and incendiary vision blew away the walls between soul, funk, and rock. I’ve crowed about her in these pages before, but I think we need another dose of her exquisite musical medicine. The vocal on this song is an unrestrained outburst of passion that is physically affecting. This is the uncut, the real, the antidote to auto-tune. Take it away, Betty!

Betty Davis
“Is It Love Or Desire” (download mp3)
from “Is It Love or Desire”
(Light In The Attic)
“Is It Love Or Desire” (play)

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The Saturday Knights bust a dog lovers anthem

The Saturday Knights – “Dog Park”

Poking around Light In The Attic again, and like every time, I found a real gem. What a silly, lovely, ridiculous, brilliant track.

The Saturday Knights
“Dog Park” (mp3)
from “Mingle”
(Blue Scholars / Light in the Attic)

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Betty Davis’ groundbreaking sexy funk

Among the many amazing re-issues on the wonderful Light In The Attic label is this super hot record from Betty Davis. To get an idea who this singer is and how she’s regarded, here are some quotes from a few of her admirers:
* She introduced Miles to Hendrix’s music and got him interested in the hardcore rock stuff. (Herbie Hancock)
* When I first saw her album cover, I fell in love. (Rick James)
* Warning: She is pure uncut funk way ahead of her time. (Prince Paul) (De La Soul, Handsome Boy Modeling School)
* She was the first Madonna, but Madonna is more like Marie Osmond compared to Betty Davis. (Santana)

Betty Davis
“Anti Love Song” (download mp3)
from “Betty Davis”
(Light In The Attic)
Anti Love Song (play)

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It’s Monk Time!

The Monks – “It’s Monk Time”

Behold the improbable brilliance of The Monks. They were five beat playing American GIs stationed in Germany in the mid 60s. They stayed together as a group after their discharges from the service, and made some ground breaking recordings which ultimately influenced later garage rockers from Nirvana to the White Stripes to Radiohead and many more. They are one of those “missing link” bands – not particularly famous in their own right, but hugely respected and important to musicians and fans in the know. Monk Time is an anti-war anthem unlike any other.

The Monks
“Monk Time” (mp3)
from “Black Monk Time”
(Light In The Attic)

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Light In The Attic shines on Rodriguez

Rodriguez – “Heikkis Suburbia Bus Tour”

Light In The Attic records is one of those little things that makes the world a better place. How else would I ever have found out about Heikki’s Suburbian Bus Tour Ride. A wonderful, very early 70’s recording. Dylanesque folk rawk baby. I love this.

“Heikki’s Suburbia Bus Tour” (mp3)
from “Coming From Reality”
(Light In The Attic)

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