Enjoying an Ash Gray Sunday with Screaming Trees

If you don’t love the Screaming Trees, your indie cred is revoked. Now we have that snobbery out of the way (it’s true, though, if you’re not down with Screaming Trees you’ll have to shave your mustache and turn in your college radio station keys, sorry) ahem, but as I was saying! They really were an excellent band. This record, which is being released digitally today, is a lost treasure of 1990’s Seattle rock. Seattle in the 90’s was, if you recall, the center of the universe for a hot minute after Nirvana exploded. These recordings, made in Stone Gossard’s studio in the late 90’s, are now finally available for us to enjoy. “Ash Gray Sunday” is a free download, and it is the kind of beautiful angsty power pop you’d expect from these proto-grunge heroes.

Screaming Trees
“Ash Gray Sunday” (download mp3)
from “Last Words: The Final Recordings”
“Ash Gray Sunday” (play)
(Sunyata Records)