Catching The Jesus Fever With Kurt Vile

12:00 PM: Pleased to learn there is an artist called Kurt Vile.
I suppose I’ll have to listen to him now.

12:02 PM: Praise be, he has a song called Jesus Fever.

12:15 PM: Approval

Very purty lil’ song. I was half expecting something more outrageous for that title, but it’s a nice folky rocky toe tappin cat nappin ditty. Favorable echoes of early Smiths and REM and Catherine Wheel kinda bidniz. Sooooothing. Goes nicely with this early spring late winter weird schizophrenic foggy drizzly weather we’re having in Oaklandia. Band name intrigue leads to swell new music discovery. Life is good.

Kurt Vile – “Jesus Fever” mp3 (play/download)

Smoke Ring For My Halo album avail direct from Matador.