Fraze Gang’s Epic Hair Band Revival

Fraze Gang, “Juggernaut” (play)

Once in Jr. High this disco kitty sez to me, “you like that hard rock sh!t, huh?” But yes, I did. Fraze Gang is a trio who loves them some 80’s glam – the kind whose tour buses ran exclusively on hair spray and whiskey. This is a fun track of the sort we never thought we’d hear again. But what is old is new, and what is new is old in pop, and here is the ghost of hair bands past in fine form. It’s a kick to hear this kind of epic guitar work and redonkulous rawk singing in 2010. So in best my David Lee Roth I say.. Enjooiiiiyy!!!

Fraze Gang
“Juggernaut” (download mp3)
from “Juggernaut”
(Bongo Beat Records)
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