Jake One, “Trap Door (feat. MF Doom)”

Trap Door” was originally released as the B-side on The Truth 12′. Later the mp3 proved to be a proper preview/teaser to Jake One’s first full-length, White Van Music, one of 2008’s stand out hip-hop albums. With tracks like this one, not to mention 22 other bangers, White Van Music maybe one of the top hip-hop albums of the decade. Fans of MF Doom I know you miss the days when it seemed like MF came out with an album a month. Comb though Doom’s catalog once again starting with, “Trap Door.”

Trap Door feat. MF Doom (play/download mp3)

Jake One, “The Truth (feat. Freeway & Brother Ali)”

Jake One is Seattle’s most important hip-hop export. His productions are a nod to hip-hop’s roots: sample based, drum heavy, funky and soulful. Jake’s only mistake was his timing — one thing no artist can control. If he was producing 20 years ago he would have reached “legendary” status by now. But his recordings are here forever, no matter how much industry fame he collects.

The Truth (feat. Freeway & Brother Ali) (play/download mp3)