Dubmatix brings Dub to Life with a Killing

Dubmatix – “Killing Dub”

K, if you know me a little ya know I MUST have my dub. Toronto’s Dubmatix have become a favorite of yours truly, because they have the old school dubby-dub moves down and pay tribute, but also, in the adventurous spirit of Lee Perry and King Tubby, they move the music forward with new ideas and tasty new production tricks. This one is massive and sweet.

“Killing Dub” (mp3)
from “Dread & Gold – Dub from the Smoke Factory”
(7 Arts Entertainment)

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Honky! Tippin’ cows and takin’ names

Honky – “Plugs, Mugs, Jugs”

If you’re going to have a band called Honky I hope you will have the decency to play overblown balls-out whiskey drenched cowtipping roadhouse brawling instrumental idiot rock in silly giant cowboy hats. Will you? Oh good. This rocks and it’s funny as sh!t.

“Plugs, Mugs, Jugs” (mp3)
from “Treatin’ ‘Em Right Since ’69 – A Tribute To Handsome Joel Svatek”
(Arclight Records)

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Dodge the bollocks, do a “Freedom Jazz Dance”

Dodge – “Freedom Jazz Dance”

I confess, when I saw the title Freedom Jazz Dance, I half expected an ironic indie rock send up, or perhaps a sloppy jam band abomination. What we have instead is, well, a freedom jazz dance! And it’s funky. This has a great, low swing to it and some tasty, lovingly executed leads on tenor sax and muted trumpet.

“Freedom Jazz Dance” (mp3)
from “Javabubbaboogaloo”

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Ernie Ranglin and Monty Alexander render Satta Massaganna

Ernie Ranglin – “Satta Massaganna (feat. Monty Alexander)”

Reggae and jazz fans must check out this exquisite reading of Satta Massaganna – the Jamaican classic made famous by The Abyssinians. This instrumental version, with virtuouso lead guitar and piano featured prominently, is completely true to the original in rhythm and vibes. Magnificent work.

Ernie Ranglin
“Satta Massaganna (feat.Monty Alexander)” (mp3)
from “Order of Distinction”
(Milk River Music)

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