INFINITO 2017 Demonstrates the “Cold Flow”

Oh my goodness. Here’s some non-processed vocalizin’ from some properly pissed off young hip-hop neurons. Boyz will be boyz. This is funny. And tight. Haha the lines just get better. Excellent battle rap fare with p-pphhfatt jazzbo sample loops.

“Cold Flow” (download mp3)
from “Pause Record Not For Sensitive Ears”
“Cold Flow” (play)
(Joe Left Hand Records)

Thaione Davis Goes Stealth w/ Infinito 2017 + The Geaux

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as an epic chill, but that’s what this groove and flow evokes for me. Intelligent yet hard core lyrics seep in over an ominous loop. This is some real real hip-hop from the South Side of Chicago. Compelling, thought provoking, and entertaining stuff from Infinito 2017 and The Geaux.

Infinito 2017 and The Geaux
“Stealth (feat.Thaione Davis)” (download mp3)
from “Rid the Stereotypes and Programmed Slaves”
(Joe Left Hand Records)
“Stealth (feat.Thaione Davis)” (play)
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Attention – Infinito 2017 !s Not A Toy

Infinito 2017 – “This Is Not A Toy – Attention” mp3

A proper dose of reality-based hip-hop from Infinito 2017. The production is crispy fresh, the parts and samples imaginative and original. Lots o’ fun, the little woodpecker-sounding soundbite is Pavlovian ear candy, and the whole tapestry is genius. Gr8 lyrics top it off, and of course, without the text, it wouldn’t be worth bothering with. Excellent, intelligent and irreverent hip-hop, just the way u likes it.

Infinito 2017
“This Is Not A Toy – Attention” (mp3)
from “Day of the Night”
(Joe Left Hand Records)
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