Dub Nomads Bringin’ The B.P.M’s From Brooklyn

Instant total problem-dissolving Friday Dub Cleanser. That’s right. Dub Nomads with your medicine. Instrumental, outsermental, mental. It’s a beautiful ting. Equal parts New York jazz and Jamaican dub. Deeelicious.

Dub Nomads
“B.P.M. Dub” (download mp3)
from “Brooklyn Sessions”
(Concent Productions, Inc.)
“B.P.M. Dub” (play)
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Andrew Tosh – “Lessons In My Life (feat. Kymani Marley)”

Andrew Tosh sounds a lot like his father, the gr8 Peter Tosh, and Kymani Marley sounds a lot like Tosh Senior’s fellow Wailer, the gr8 Bob Marley. Here we find Tosh the younger singing one of his dad’s wonderful tunes on a tribute album, joined by Marley the younger, a simple acoustic guitar strum, and a classic Jamaican style vocal chorus. Typical of Peter Tosh’s songs, “Lessons In My Life” is thoughtful, direct, and uniquely defiant. Some fine inspirational musical testimony that has only gained relevance a generation down. Enjoy.

Andrew Tosh
“Lessons In My Life (feat. Kymani Marley)” (download mp3)
from “Legacy – An Acoustic Tribute To Peter Tosh”
(Box 10 Entertainment Group, Inc.)
Lessons In My Life (feat. Kymani Marley) (play)

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Marching Band – “It Will Never Slip” (mp3)

Marching Band – “It Will Never Slip”

From their latest album, “Pop Cycle,” the single “It Will Never Slip” from Swedish duo Marching Band is a bittersweet pop gem. Recorded as it was during “the two most miserable winter months of the year in Stockholm,” it’s no surprise the tracks crackle with something beyond restlessness. There’s a certain claustrophobic beauty to it, if you can imagine that, an intimate quality like a small crew of Antarctic explorers singing to keep their morale up as they wait for the spring thaw. Better to light a candle than curse the darkness? This record does both, and the results are lovely.

Marching Band
“It Will Never Slip” (mp3)
from “Pop Cycle”
(U & L Records, Inc.)

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Charlie Hunter’s latest and greatest

In which we find guitar innovator Charlie Hunter on a loose and chill flight with drummer Eric Kalb and a smart brass section. I’d love to hear the story behind the title of this album – “Gentlemen, I Neglected To Inform You You Will Not Be Getting Paid” – but it’s not hard to imagine the many comical scenarios where one in the music business might hear those words. I’ve enjoyed Hunter’s playing since the early 80’s, and to this day, he never stops evolving and reaching for new musical horizons more wondrous than the last. In this unhurried, sparse track, you get a sense of the humor and light that have always been a part of Charlie’s art and heart. The legendary chops are but a vehicle. This is an artist who has fun, who loves playing, and that’s why his work is so entertaining.

Charlie Hunter
“You Look Good In Orange” (mp3)
from “Gentlemen, I Neglected To Inform You You Will Not Be Getting Paid”
(reapandsow, Inc.)

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Charlie Hunter – “You Look Good In Orange” mp3