I Love Evans The Death So Much, It’s Unclean

We don’t speak of our fast-paced punk-pop music as “beautiful” and “yearning” much, do we? Yes we do, now we do. London’s Evans The Death brings an original flavor to post-post-post Buzzcocksyism with their downright romantical “I’m So Unclean.” Singer Katherine Whitaker achieves, with guitarists Dan Moss and Matt Gill, a synergy reminiscent of what Morrissey created with Johnny Marr. Her voice is mad-love drop-dead sexy in an indie pouty way, and the lyrics are gorgeous. Look, you had me at “I’ll stare at the cat for a while.” I have huge band crush. Have since I posted the other “side” of this maxi-single, a coupla weeks ago. OMGawd. I’m fawning! Stop me now! Like-ify them on Faceborg. I’m taking a cold shower.

Evans The Death
“I’m So Unclean” (download mp3)
from “Threads / I’m So Unclean”
I’m So Unclean” (play)
(Fortuna POP!)
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