Stepmothers’ “I Dream I’m Innocent” A Lost, Perfect Punk New Wave Gem

In this adventure of mine, in which I try to find one excellent free, legal mp3 to post each day, I’m often blown away by what I find. Whether it’s a new recording hot off the presses, or as in this case, an overlooked gem, I certainly haven’t run out of songs to post. If I do, I’ll stop, that’s my promise! Today isn’t that day. Today I found this amazing, punk-pop new wavey smash from the Stepmothers called “I Dream I’m Innocent.” The lyric is dark and disturbing, yet somehow funny and liberating. The playing is brilliant, the tones and production are brilliant, it’s just a gr8 single. Extra props for the album title “You Were Never My Age.” Heavy rotation, in my innocent dreams.

“(I Dream I’m) Innocent” (download mp3)
from “You Were Never My Age …And More – The Complete Recordings”
(Posh Boy Music)
“I Dream I’m Innocent” (play)
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