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Fun Fun Fun announces the creation of a new site, The site streams music found by Fun Fun Fun music bloggers.  These MP3 bloggers find brilliant new music they love and write a brief description about why they have posted the song. You can have a “Pandora experience,” except it’s new exciting music recently found on the Internet. The genres include Ska, Reggae, JamDub, Electronic, Metal, Hip Hop, and more. All the music at this site is legal and free for download.

Following the Pied TOPR into Righteous Oblivion

TOPR – “Follow the Leader (feat. Mode, Luke Sick & Eddie K)” mp3

‘Nuther thought crime from SF’s seasoned battle rap veteran, TOPR. On his latest collection of dire yet hilarious street screeds, “L. Ron Hustler,” we find our hero in a nihilistic mood, spouting venom in every direction, fighting, testifying, smokin’ drinkin’ and spittin’ verbal apocalypse with abandon. The bay area’s Charles Bukowski of hip-hop? Approximately. Don’t be alarmed by the cold ending to this track. That’s just how they do it in Gurp City. Parental advisory: this record is dangerous and wrong, and it could make your kids deface their Justin Bieber posters with depictions of degenerate sex and drug mayhem. Enjoy!

“Follow the Leader feat. Mode, Luke Sick & Eddie K” (mp3)
from “L. Ron Hustler”
(Gurp City Digital)

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Steinski & Double Dee – “Lesson 3” (mp3)

Ground breaking Hip-Hop from Stenski. There’s imagination a plenty in the “Lesson 3” MP3 by Stenski & Double Dee. You’ve got to love this infectious MP3 Jackpot winner. “What does it all mean” anyway?

Steinski, Double Dee
“Lesson 3” (mp3)
from “What Does It All Mean? – 1983-2006 Retrospective”
(Illegal Art)
Steinski & Double Dee – “Lesson 3”
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Steinski & Double Dee – “Lesson 3” (mp3)

Steinski & Double Dee – “Lesson 3″(play)

Here begineth the lesson. Thou shalt go forth and get funkay. This classic hip-hop collage is as entertaining and funny as it is masterful. You see, before artists like DJ Shadow took used records to make new records, Steinski put down groundbreaking work that opened the gates and authored a blueprint for a generation of hip-hop producers and turntablists. On the one now. One.

Steinski, Double Dee
“Lesson 3” (mp3)
from “What Does It All Mean? – 1983-2006 Retrospective”
(Illegal Art)

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Masia One – “In Di Streets (ill. gates/ Meesha Remix)” (mp3)

Masia One- “In Di Streets (ill. gates/ Meesha Remix)” (play)

Singapore born MC/artist/youth advocate/baller Masia One shows off her mic skills on “In Di Streets (ill.gates + Meesha Remix).” This remix is the quintessential West Coast dubstep sound: grimy synth chords, sunken snares, all rolled in a blunt of hip-hop lyrics. Download and let me see you raise your lighters in the air.

Masia One
“In Di Streets” (mp3)
from “In Di Streets”
(Muti Music)

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Beats from the Streets – “Verbalize” (mp3)

Beats from the Streets – “Verbalize” (play)

I can’t think of a more contemporary form of instrumental music than the digitoid compositions of hip-hop. This track, aptly titled “Verbalize,” is like a poem, that speaks of young hip-hop music in the early 80’s, when Afrika Bambaataa lifted bits from German electronic pioneers Kraftwerk and re-tasked them to his own creative ends. This artistic method became known by its digital name, “sampling,” now ubiquitous in hip-hop and pop music. Check this mp3 from “Hip Hop Instrumentals Volume 2” on Rize High Records. Bleeping blip-hop bliss.

Beats from the Streets
“Verbalize” (mp3)
from “Hip Hop Instrumentals Volume 2”
(Rize High Records)

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Take a bite of Tone Liv’s Superhero Sandwich

Tone Liv – “The Mayor Special” mp3

In a last-rapper-standing epic of cinematic proportions, Tone Liv employs a soulful hard rock loop for the soundtrack to his lyrical marauding. No MC is left standing. And a good time was had by all. “The Mayor Special” from “Superhero Sandwiches” on, what else, Domination Recordings.

Tone Liv
“The Mayor Special” (mp3)
from “Superhero Sandwiches”
(Domination Recording, LLC)

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Taking MCs back to school

Just cause you rap in the hallways of your Community College doesn’t mean you an MC. Take a listen to “Mr Gusto” by VURSATYL of Lifesavas. Think you can spit your lyrics with as much flavor? I will save you the brain cell. The answer is: hell no.

VURSATYL (Lifesavas)
“Mr. Gusto” (mp3)
from “The Style Junkie Chronicles 7″ Series”
(Quannum Projects)
“Mr. Gusto” (play)

More On This Album

How to rock n’ roll

Cookbook & Uno Mas – When You Rock & Roll (feat. Evidence)

CookBook and Uno Mas of LA Symphony team up with LA vet Evidence of Dilated Peoples to drop a lesson for all you b-boys on how to rock n’ roll. Don’t expect lessons on pyrotechnics or how to trash a hotel room while banging 10 groupies at once. This track stays tru to hip-hop’s obsession with obscure soul samples with their lyrics served on the smoker’s tip.

CookBook, UNO Mas
“When You Rock & Roll (feat. Evidence)” (mp3)
from “C&U Music Factory”
(AudioSketchBook / End Of Earth Records)

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