All Time High Get High In Friends’ Places

I like Small Stone Records. A Small Stone, for the uninitiated, is an effects pedal favored by stoners in the 1970’s and ever since. It is a “phaser” and it makes whooshy whooshy tone sweeps. You control the speed. You control the depth. You say things like “whoa, dude, nice!” and your mom comes in with your report card and papers to have you committed to an institution. Most Small Stone owners had Lava Lamps. All of them had bongs. All Time High on Small Stone Record, my dears, with “Nice Guys Laugh Last”. Kinda Nirvana-ish stoner rock. It pleases me.

All Time High
“Nice Guys Laugh Last” (download mp3)
from “Friends in High Places”
“Nice Guys Laugh Last” (play)
(Small Stone Records)
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