The Black Sorrows’ Very Rich “Poor Boy Blues”

Here’s a song so distinctly American you’d never guess from hearing it, the band is from Australia. “Poor Boy Blues” is a single from The Black Sorrows’ critically acclaimed “Beat Club” album. It’s a haunting, soaring performance, beautifully recorded. A GR8 find, check it out.

The Black Sorrows
“Poor Boy Blues” (download mp3)
from “Beat Club”
“Poor Boy Blues” (play)
(Head Records)
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Under the Tremeloe Sun with Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp

What could be more majestic than a sea of kelp, swaying and glistening in a tremeloe sun? Nothing, nothing, nothing! This is instrumental surf boogie at its finest, with shades of James Bond eating mangoes on a beach with a heavily armed damsel in distress. Bring your sunscreen, this is hot. On Head Records, of course.

Dom Mariani & The Majestic Kelp
“Tremeloe Sun” (download mp3)
from “Underwater Casino”
“Tremeloe Sun” (play)
(Head Records)

More Majesty Of Kelp!!

Post-feast “Hell to Pay” from Bakelite Radio

I feel like this should be the soundtrack for knife fight scene at a 50’s prom. A well choreographed one, when the greasers show up all hell breaks loose. Seriously rockin sh!t from Bakelite Radio.

Bakelite Radio
“Hell to Pay” (download mp3)
from “Head On 05”
(Head Records)
Hell to Pay (play)

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The Revelators’ “Spell” turns Old School to New School

The Revelators – “When the Spell Is Broken”

Without gimmicks or slick production tricks, Australia’s Revelators win the old school way: with great composition and performance. It’s nice to hear music like this – so rooted in American country, blues and rock – stand out today, and sound original and contemporary in its own right. Real high quality stuff here.

The Revelators
“When the Spell Is Broken” (mp3)
from “The Revelators”
(Head Records)

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The Revelators hath Hell to Pay for they doth rock

The Revelators – “Hell to Pay”

A monster track with a message. Now I’m not sure exactly what that message is – I expect it’s a little different for everyone! But Listen up and take heed. Wow, the saxophones and this record are shredding. Yes, I called it a “record.” That’s praise. This rocks.

The Revelators
“Hell to Pay” (mp3)
from “The Revelators”
(Head Records)

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