All Time High’s Pollyannish Grunge

All Time High – “Pollyanna” mp3

Pollyanna is I believe one of the best words in the English language. It’s a relatively new term, whose origin is simple – Pollyanna was the name of a child heroine created by American writer Eleanor Porter, who was optimistic and sweet regardless of whatever dire circumstances did beset her. Often used disparagingly, I consider it a virtue. Seattle’s All Time High has a thing or two to sing about the matter, in classic Seattle grunge rock style, in this wonderful bit of rock and roll philosiphizin’. Everything is gr8! Really.

All Time High
“Pollyanna” (mp3)
from “Friends in High Places”
(Small Stone Records)

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Exeter’s Romantic Grunge Memory

Exeter – “The Romantic”

Remember 90’s “alternative” rock radio? That last gasp when anyone cared about commercial rock radio at all? The saga of Nirvana’s great triumph and heartbreaking demise? The flood of soundalikes whose metal 80’s glam hair had barely been swept off the barbershop floor as they tried to jump on the careening, burning bandwagon? That might not sound like much of an endorsement, but in fact, some of those bands had some really fine moments. Here is a song that seems to take that troubled yet exciting era of dashed ideals and nauseating saturation airplay, and reprise some of its saving graces. I like this, I really do.

“The Romantic” (mp3)
from “Grey Noise, White Lies”
(Engineer Records)

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SuperHeavyGoatAss Ices their Nemesis

SuperHeavyGoatAss – “Ice”

You know we likes our Heavy Metal Mondays. Not talkin’ bout that crazy post hardcore speed metal today tho, this is your low and slow grunged out post-Zep metal that sounds like a lava lamp looks when it first starts to heat up. So what do you expect from a band called SuperHeavyGoatAss? Rawk!

“Ice” (mp3)
from “Nemesis”
(Arclight Records)

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The Snowmen Blow Town

The Snowmen – “Blow That Town”

With a certain distorted guitar tone worship hooky melodies, this is the perfect promotrack to represent the Noise Pop aesthetic.

The Snowmen
“Blow That Town” (mp3)
from “Ten Years of Noise Pop 1993 – 2002”
(Amazing Grease Records)

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