Into the Gothy Darkness of Zola Jesus’ “Night”

Strong, haunting female vocals over a lush synthscape slowly percolating toward an epic finale. LA darksider Zola Jesus lays bare the cold feeling of isolation alongside the explosive power of a passion reaching critical mass.

Zola Jesus
“Night” (download mp3)
from “Stridulum – EP”
(Sacred Bones Records)
Night (play)

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The Last 3 Lines Luminescent “Fish Tank”

The Last 3 Lines – “Fish Tank” mp3

Here’s a hot yet moody power pop song with overtones of goth-y goodness, from The Last 3 Lines. Dreamy, reverb-y vocals and guitars melt around a core of 80’s-ish bass n’ drums a’la early U2 and Killing Joke n’ such. Music to have an emo drama-queen meltdown to, like you might if you suddenly realized you were living in a fish tank. Or not. Either way, this is some fully realized, beautifully arranged rock, str8 outta Barcelona.

The Last 3 Lines
“Fish Tank” (mp3)
from “Crows”

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Power Pop For Lulu!

Flesh For Lulu – “Baby Hurricane”

And what for the interstate drive to the ‘rents house for turkeyopalypse? Big rock, sweeties, big, loud, top-down, preferably decadent glam goth, can we do that? Thank you. Living 80’s zeitgeist Flesh For Lulu has re-recorded some of their classic material, with more modern production values, and created a record which is bound to introduce them to new starry eyed romantics the world over. “Baby Hurricane” is just the kind of thing I love from this band – huge guitar powerchord-scapes remind of Mott the Hoople and T-Rex, as smoky English power pop vocals melt down into a sort of heartbroken lustful bliss. Spectacular.

Flesh For Lulu
“Baby Hurricane” (mp3)
from “Best Of (Re-Recorded)”
(Corporate Risk Products)

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Exploring 13th Chime’s shimmering darkness

13th Chime – Sarah’s Got A Chainsaw

Enter at your own risk, “The Lost Album” by 13th Chime on Sacred Bones Records. “Sarah’s Got a Chainsaw” is not so much the bloodbath the title might suggest, but instead a raucous and beautifully recorded note from the grave from this driving goth-esq Texas band. Gr8 80’s flavored reverb’d out vocals bounce around on an urgent guitar bass and drum bed that hints of Joy Division, Gang Of Four and The Cramps. Superb.

13th Chime
“Sarah’s Got A Chainsaw” (mp3)
from “The Lost Album”
(Sacred Bones Records)

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Kissing Party has Out Of Body Experience

Kissing Party  – “I Just Want to Get Out of This Body”

Ah, love at first play. The splendidly named Kissing Party‘s minimalist, dark romantic bliss pop gem, “I Just Want to Get Out of This Body” floats my boat like pain killers over a broken heart.  Goth-y 80’s English gloom-glamour meets present day Denver, Colorado angst, and speaks of cre8ive defiance in the face of vast cultural isolation. What could be wrong? Hand claps and bells complement the Joy Division-simple beats and guitars beautifully, lifting lustful lonely vocals above the fray to a shining peak where uncertainty becomes something to be sure of. All in 2 minutes 17! Yay.

Kissing Party
“I Just Want to Get Out of This Body” (mp3)
from “The Hate Album”
(Massive Music)

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Midnight Kissin’ with The Dark Romantics

The Dark Romantics – “Another Song For Another Night”

Taking their cues from Joy Division, David Bowie and myriad 80’s goth masters, The Dark Romantics are a band that sounds exactly as their name suggests. Weighing in at the mythical perfect pop song length of 2:50, “Another Song For Another Night” has all the pieces. This is a spotless arrangement of an original contemporary gothic rock gem. Oh the things one finds while rooting around the dusty rooms in the vast mansions of the Intertubes!

The Dark Romantics
“Another Song For Another Night” (mp3)
from “Some Midnight Kissin'”
(Lujo Records)

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Modwheelmood has their eyes on Tone

Modwheelmood – “Sunday Morning”

Some recording artists go the extra distance with their “tones” – that elusive word that sound geeks and engineers use to describe the obsessed over processed sounds of the drums, guitars, bass keys and anything else they dump on a record. Here we have some masters of the craft – I could wax geekily about the guitar sound or the snare or any part of this. In the end, the pieces all fit like they were meant to be together.  Sonically rich and mood affecting, this is gloom music for happy people. Or happy music for depressed people! In any case it is such a rich and lovely soundscape you can practically feel the fog of London or the wind of Chicago on a directionless Sunday morning. Me like.

“Sunday Morning” (mp3)
from “Pearls to Pigs, Vol. 2”

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