The Headhunters Drop D-Funk w/ Snoop Dogg & George Clinton

Bow wow yippy yay! Behold the harbingers of funky jazz from the early 1970’s, The Headhunters, double dippin’ de fonk with Snoop Dogg & George Clinton (WHAT?!) I said Snoop Dogg & George Clinton, watchoo think I said? George Clinton doesn’t say much minute for minute in this joint, when he speaks it punctuates and reverberates all the way out to the Mothership. Sleep not, lest ye be slept.

The Headhunters
“D-Funk (Funk With Us) [feat. Snoop Dogg & George Clinton]” (download mp3)
from “Platinum”
(Owl Studios)
“D-Funk (Funk With Us)” (play)
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