Tony Furtado Not Living On Dreams Alone

More brilliant singer-songwriter fare! Can you sense a trend here? Ok, I’ll post a hard rocker soon and some ‘lectronica BUT! First, you gotta hear this sweeeeet song by Tony Furtado. “You are asking me to live on dreams alone” he testifies, in this heart-melting folky-rock original. A gentle finger-picking guitar pattern sets the stage for a plaintiff single tracked vocal brought home by a swooping double tracked chorus.  A perfect rainy day disc, though it leaves you feeling hopeful, and looking forward to sunny days ahead.

Tony Furtado
“Dreams Alone” (download mp3)
from “Deep Water”
(Funzalo Records)
“Dreams Alone” (play)
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Tony Furtado Kicks Up Some Devils Dust

A swampy country-rock number with swagger. I love it. Smoky vocals, Bon Jovi style acoustic guitar. I see myself sucking down a cheap beer in a dingy roadhouse while this plays on the jukebox, just before the brawl. Wont be at all surprised if this gets picked up for a movie or TV show. Free to enjoy, courtesy of Funzalo Records. Life is good.

Tony Furtado
“Devil’s Dust” (download mp3)
from “Golden”
(Funzalo Records)
“Devils Dust” (play)
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Brian Lopez’s “Maslow’s Hierarchy” an Improbable Gem

Brian Lopez – “Maslow’s Hierarchy” mp3

Brian Lopez‘ voice goes wherever it wants to on this wild exploration of psychologist Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory. Its  an unusual song topic, to say the least, but you never know where a song will come from, and like any good song, this one wins by its own rules. With a distinctive warble that he carries up and down his range, Tucson, Arizona native Lopez delivers it live on guitar and vocals, backed by a thoughtful and tight combo.  Romantic, mystical, and entirely unique.

Brian Lopez
“Maslow’s Hierarchy” (mp3)
from “Rojo – EP”
(Funzalo Records)

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