Get your fist in the air

I wish Tim Ismag was making this kind of music when I was in junior high school. I lived in LA, and my friend had a low rider – a real sick one. It looked like it came off the cover of Low Rider Magazine, minus the Latin girl in a bikini. “Get the Party Started (feat. Prolific)” has that perfect blend of hip-hop lyrics over dirty beats that would have accentuated how cool we thought we where back then.

Tim Ismag
“Get the Party Started (feat. Prolific)” (download mp3)
from “Dance To Dubstep”
“Get the Party Started (feat. Prolific)” (play)

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Dawn Tawn Prince’s Positive Dubtronic Vibes

Dawn Tawn Prince – “Positive Vibes” mp3

Here’s a hardcore dubstep dish from Dawn Tawn Prince. Take a heavily processed collage of seething square wave synths and acoustic bass n’ drum loops, sprinkle a haunting single vocal refrain atop it with miles of echo, and serve hot. The perfect appetizer for this springtime Saturday in Oaksterdam.

Dawn Tawn Prince
“Positive Vibes” (mp3)
from “Emotional Steppaz”

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6Blocc Dubsteps to The End

6Blocc – “The End”

Time to get our weekend ‘lectronica on, peeps. As my top source for DJ music, Subverse, explained, Los Angeles innovator 6Blocc has roots in hip-hop and showed the scene “how to play drum n’ bass records like a battle DJ.” This track is a rich tapestry of digital audio, molded by the hands of a master craftsman. “The End” could be the beginning of a gr8 party. Download it and bust it on yr guests 2nite. They’ll hear the bass from 6 blocks away.

“The End” (mp3)
from “Foulplaydubstep Elite Forces”

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