Superbad dupstep!

East Coast dubstep producer Humble Dinosaur takes the vocal sample of “I’m Superbad” from the scene in the movie Superbad when they’re about to cop booze with a fake ID and Mc Fogell is trying to pussy out. Then HD slaps a billowing baseline down. The beat is slowed down to a drunken pace. Then the ‘worrier charge’ is let off in the background. All the ingredients to make an unruly and ominous tune that is sure to satisfy the itch of any dubstep junky.

Humble Dinosaur
“I’m Superbad” (download mp3)
from “Payin Dues”
I’m Superbad (play)

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Tim Ismag Goes All Bass Animal On Elephant Man

Oh hellz yahz. It’s about time someone made a ‘lectronic bass monsterpiece around the iconic line from The Elephant Man. Tim Ismag delivers bass for yer face and lots of it. The creepy crawly sci-fi hi-end is prepopulous. I like it when music makes me make up new words. Dubsteppers step right up and puump this thru yr speeks.

Tim Ismag
“The Elephant Man” (download mp3)
from “The Future Dubstep LP”
“The Elephant Man” (play)
More bass!

Hulk Goes All E-Tarded and Smashes Planet

Ecstasy. X. E. Wildly praised as a wonder drug, responsible for epic bouts of dancing, blissful grinning, and the random petting of strangers like big ol’ kittykats, it has a downside. Take too much of it, and you turn into an E-Tard. It’s like anything else, really. Too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Hulk explains, over some exceedingly E-friendly basstarded beat-fornication.

“E-Tard” (download mp3)
from “Smash The Planet”
“E-Tard” (play)
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6Blocc, A.K.A. RAW, still bringing it.

6Blocc (cause you can hear his bass from 6 blocks) has been a leading DJ/producer in the underground music world for over 20 years. Known for his skills at mashing together hip-hop, reggae, drum n’ bass, and dubstep. His skills can be compared to none, and his DJ mixes are some of the illest pieces of music in my collection.

“Traning Wheelz” (download mp3)
from “Foulplaydubstep Elite Forces”
“Training Wheelz”

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