Sons Of The West “Leave Your Home” And Rock

Go west young man. Or east. Anywhere already. Put this on the car stereo and begone. Vamoose. Split. Led Zep worshiping brutacious rock blasting from the planet Oof. Very gnarly. Watch out for the cold abrupt no BS ending. You’ll be air-headbanging as they leave you hanging. Blues metal with a message.

Sons Of The West
“Leave Your Home” (download mp3)
from “Sons Of The West”
“Leave Your Home” (play)
(First of Three Records)
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Madison Square Gardeners Innocent Until Proven Rock

Rock alert. Big rock alert. Big, fat late 70’s anthemic mid-tempo rock with giant ass hooks and soul-satisfying harmonies alert! The Madison Square Gardeners from Brooklyn, NY channel a sort of Tom Petty wide open skies sound through a more urban, post modern filter to produce a beast of a track. This is classic rock that sounds fresh and new, with a bittersweet and poignant lyric. The arrangement is perfect, the vocals are gr8, it’s all there – this is a hit in my book.

The Madison Square Gardeners
“Innocent” (download mp3)
from “Teeth Of Champions”
(First of Three Records)
“Innocent” (play)
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