Flash Mob’s “Blind Faith” Is Jazz With A “J”

Jazzit tup, kats. Flash Mob bends the time signatures and seduces the key changes all up down and sideways. Guitarist Ryan Williams leads the able bodied troupe through exotic corners of postmodern instrumental mental institutions. Yes.

“Blind Faith” (download mp3)
from “Generals”
“Blind Faith” (play)
(F-IRE Recorded Music Ltd.)

Floating Blissfully in “Archipelagos” w/ Tassos Spiliotopoulos

Tassos Spiliotopoulos – “Archipelagos” mp3

Any fan of Mahavishnu and John McLaughlin will appreciate this album. The lovely steel string work on the title track evokes something like calm seas flowing around a remote atoll, where life is unhurried. Instrumental, meditative bliss, but not the new age-y meandering kind. This performance, while chill, develops with intent and purpose. Just what I needed with my coffee on this fine urban Saturday AM.

Tassos Spiliotopoulos
“Archipelagos” (mp3)
from “Archipelagos”
(F-IRE Recorded Music Ltd.)

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