Clean Livin’, Elvin Bishop Style

Veteran blues man Elvin Bishop has more than his share of stories to tell, and remarkably, he’s alive to tell them. Here the man gives us a run down of some of the travails, self-imposed or otherwise, which he has brushed off to play another night. For the uninitiated, Red Dog is Bishop’s trusty electric guitar. “Clean Livin'” is on the “Red Dog Speaks” album. And speak it does.

Elvin Bishop
“Clean Livin'” (download mp3)
from “Red Dog Speaks”
“Clean Livin'” (play)
Hear Red Dog speak some more

Elvin Bishop n’ Friends, Struttin’ They Stuff

Evar so funkay! Veteran blues badass Elvin Bishop is prolly best known for his mid ’70’s smash hit, “Fooled Around And Fell In Love,” and I love me some o’ that soul rawk power poppin’. Here today we find the man blazing out on a joyous blues boogie, with fellow blistering players Derek Trucks and  Warren Haynes joining in the fun. A lighthearted song featuring some heavyweight virtuosity, from cats that never did get de-clawed.

Elvin Bishop
“Struttin’ My Stuff (feat. Derek Trucks & Warren Haynes)” (download mp3)
from “The Blues Rolls On”
Struttin’ My Stuff (feat. Derek Trucks & Warren Haynes) (play)

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