Pandora For New Music

Fun Fun Fun announces the creation of a new site, The site streams music found by Fun Fun Fun music bloggers.  These MP3 bloggers find brilliant new music they love and write a brief description about why they have posted the song. You can have a “Pandora experience,” except it’s new exciting music recently found on the Internet. The genres include Ska, Reggae, JamDub, Electronic, Metal, Hip Hop, and more. All the music at this site is legal and free for download.

Secrets from the Information Ghetto

SuperFan goin’ all ‘lectronicoid on ya again, with some pure electronic dance music. I was intrigued by the title and stark album artwork here – this is one of those random discoveries, and I’m glad I stopped to check it out, it’s fun stuff. As is often the case in this genre, one must be patient at first. “Piotun” starts with a mere skeleton, and you think, hey, I could do this on a laptop in my sleep, why is this a record? But the piece soon reveals itself, with a magnificent primal synth bass part that could compel a brick to boogie, before atmospheric cinematic gongs and blips complete the trance inducing picture. This kind of thing works so well in a nightclub setting. Or, you know, at home, with friends, pretending your pad is a nightclub. I do it all the time. Why not? Ravers, rave on.

Information Ghetto
“Piotun” (download mp3)
from “Secrets – EP”
(3rd Wave Music)
Piotun (play/)

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Takin’ a trip with Spaceflight Orchestra

Spaceflight Orchestra – “Truer Than True (Drop Logik Refreak)”

DJ Subverse made me a “miztape” for the holidaze and I’m loving it. It opens with this funky post-disco trip from Spaceflight Orchestra, and it’s just the thing to help one depart for a minute from any form of seasonal stress. Purely chill, “Truer Than True (Drop Logik Refreak)” lives up to its oh so ‘lectronica title! Très Magnifique.

Spaceflight Orchestra
“Truer Than True (Drop Logik Refreak)” (mp3)
from “An Orchestra of Remixes, Volume One”
(Black Bridge)

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The Pinker Tones’ Million Colour Revolution

The Pinker Tones – “TMCR Grand Finale”

The Pinker Tones represent the state of the party art in Barcelona, hipness capital of Spain. Filtering a huge range of influences, they expectorate shiny globules of innovative pop glee. Also known as Professor Manso and Mr Furia, longtime vets on their thriving local scene, the PT’s now make their irreverently joyful music available to the world via Interweb. They have several promotracks up, and honestly, I had a hard time picking one to post today, as they’re all brilliant and each one is unique in its own way. Their new album is “Wild Animals” and I must see them live in their natural habitat soon. Here’s the finale from “The Million Colour Revolution” ~ enjoy!

The Pinker Tones
“TMCR Grand Finale” (mp3)
from “The Million Colour Revolution”
(Nacional Records)

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Santogold shines brighter and brighter

Brooklyn’s Santogold continues her massive roll in 2009. Here is one of the tracks that propelled her to international recognition in ’08. This is not an artist locked in any genre set. Instead, she hits genres head-on like a bowling ball, sending the pins flying every which way. “L.E.S Artistes” is a gem, with Santogold’s voice floating luminescent over tracks that will sound bright and new even years down the road.

“L.E.S Artistes” (download mp3)
from “Santogold”
(Lizard King)
L.E.S. Artistes (play)

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Sissy Wish rocks balls

Sissy Wish – “DWTS”

A friend described this record as “Missing Persons meets the Go Go’s at a Bjork concert.” I can’t improve on that. Except to say that it has an edge reminiscent of late 70’s new wave, blended with contemporary electronic dance floor sensibilities. Which is kinda sayin’ the same thing. GR8 track!

Sissy Wish
“DWTS” (mp3)
from “Beauties Never Die”
(Afternoon Records)

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Heavyweight Dub Champion feat. Dr Israel sees the Dawn

Heavy Weight Dub Champion – “Dawn feat. Dr Israel”

I love the way Jamaican and American popular musics have informed and influenced each other over the decades. Going back to the early 1960s when ska bands built on stateside soul and R&B sounds, and fast-forward to hip-hop and dancehall styles trading ideas and themes at a dizzying pace.  Heavyweight Dub Champion is hip-hop, and dancehall, and electronic dance, and reggae, they are all of that, and yes they bring their own original flavor to the mix as well. This track really cooks.

Heavyweight Dub Champion
“Dawn (feat. Dr. Isreal)” (mp3)
from “Rise of the Champion Nation”
(Champion Nation Recordings)

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No More Kings “Obey the Groove” and you will too

No More Kings – “Obey the Groove”

Obey. The groove. What part didn’t you understand? Full on party music not for the old at heart! I aint lyin’.

No More Kings
“Obey the Groove” (mp3)
from “And the Flying Boombox”
(Astonish Entertainment)

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