Effi Briest spreads like Rhizomes in teh Interweb

Effi Briest – “Rhizomes” mp3

The beautiful and ethereal strains of Brooklyn’s Effi Briest waft through my house on this lazy Sunday morning, stretching and aspiring and taking root. “Rhizomes” is a patient work, sprawling over five and a half minutes like one of those movie sequences where the weather changing is sped up, shadows of clouds race up skyscrapers and mountains, and an old grandfather clocks spins the hours by in seconds. Taking their name from Theodor Fontane’s realist novel of social angst in 19th century Germany, this all female band is bound to have an intellectual take, but I’m glad to report that they also rock. The drum, bass, guitar and vocal performances are precise, thoughtful and passionate. Who writes songs about plant roots spreading and converging underground, sensually and gracefully? Effi Briest, my dears.

Effi Briest
“Rhizomes” (mp3)
from “Rhizomes”
(Sacred Bones Records)

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