A monster live recording from The Uptones

The Uptones – “East Of A Western Bay”

This instrumental track from The Uptones “Live!! 924 Gilman” CD is a hi-energy ska punk jazz opus. The album influenced a lot of great bands that followed, and it’s a joy to listen to. This was my Sunday morning dance in the kitchen wake up record for a year! Superfan sez pick it up.

The Uptones
“East of a Western Bay” (mp3)
from “The Uptones Live!!”
(Fun Fun Fun Recordings)
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The Uptones – “East Of A Western Bay” mp3

An early instrumental work by Berkeley’s Ska music pioneers, The Uptones, this ebullient punk ska jazz opus was penned by the Rev. Paul Jackson. Originally on trumpet duties at the time of the band’s founding, Jackson soon moved to Hammond Organ and before long became one of their key songwriters. “East Of A Western Bay” is the lone instrumental cut from “The Uptones Live!! 924 Gilman” CD, and it rocks.

The Uptones – “East Of A Western Bay” mp3